Welcome to the website of  The Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity – set up in 2012 and the first independent UK charity solely devoted to the rehoming, health and welfare of the Hungarian Vizsla  – read all about us

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How we can help

As a charity we shall continue our valuable work of rehoming Vizslas and ensuring the well being of this precious breed. To do so even more effectively we need your help and support. You can help us help Vizslas, in so many different ways!

How you can help

Please explore this website in the tabs above to see how you can be involved in the Charity’s valuable work. Forever homes are always needed for vizslas whose owners are no longer able to look after them and knowledgeable foster homes are desperately required also – so that incoming dogs can be looked after until the perfect new owner can be found.

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The charity – and Hungarian Vizsla Club Welfare before that –  has homed very many vizslas over the years. Please visit our success stories page to read some touching stories. We will be adding lots more in the future.

Our work costs money – and contributions are needed. You can donate online – see here. There are also many fundraising events  – and we will be publicising these as they happen.

Also there are  “viz whizzes”  – all over the country – where ginger lovers meet to walk and talk and have fun – see here for one near you. And join us on facebook to keep in touch with the latest news and to hear about online auctions  – where vizsla lovers have great fun bidding and helping good causes around the world

The vizsla community is a special one – and by all working together we will make a huge difference. Our beloved breed sometimes needs help.


..elderly vizslas are so special ..