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Sue Millson – Chairman & Welfare Officer

Sue lives in Kent and has been involved with working breeds, predominantly Vizslas, for over 30 years, breeding, showing and working them; also designing a training book for handlers to work dogs. As the Club breed Welfare Officer for 12 years and the KC Breed Health Coordinator, she designed the first health survey for the breed in addition to the current (second) survey. Sue also enjoyed a medical career in both the private health sector and NHS, finishing her career as an NHS operating theatre manager with responsibility for budgets, staff and training, from which she retired in 2011. She has recently lost one loved Vizsla so is down to four that she works. Additionally, Sue raises funds for Vizsla Welfare from Vizsla merchandise.

Claire Aldridge – Welfare Officer

Claire lives in Kent and has been involved with vizslas for over 35 years. She has both owned and bred them. Claire has done a limited amount of showing but has mainly worked with her vizslas. Vizsla welfare has always been a major concern of hers, and she actively looks after and rehomes a lot the dogs that come into welfare. Claire’s other main interest is in the equine world, and she is a trustee of the British Horse Society

Helga Root – Welfare Officer/Fundraising/Publicity

Helga lives in Lancashire, a retired Business Consultant with 35 years experience in managing Businesses (most recently in the medical and Rehabilitation market sector) but now spends much of her time raising funds for re-homing and rescuing Vizslas, as well as being actively involved in rescue herself. She is the co-ordinator of the North West Viz Wizz group and also an active member of other Vizsla Rescue groups.  Helga also administrates the HV Club Welfare Facebook group and has a small company, Vizsla Products 4U selling a range of Vizsla products to raise funds for rescue and the Charity.

Lorraine Yarnley  – Secretary

Lorraine inherited her love of dogs at a very young age from her parents. Brought up with various Gundog breeds she has had Vizsla’s since 2005 and since then has been a big supporter of the welfare of the breed. Lorraine spends her free time having fun with and showing her two beautiful Vizsla’s Ceris and her daughter Madge, as well as being on the South of England Gundog Committee and a previous committee member of the Hungarian Vizsla Club, helping with shows, events, stewarding and has just started to judge the breed.’

Priscilla Dicketts

Priscilla lives in Kent and had careers embracing the League of Red Cross Societies, The Boy Scouts World Bureau, Intermaritime Bank, Broillet et Cie and Plessy & Co ,Charities Aid Foundation.  She managed the sale of merchandise for the Hungarian Vizsla Club from which she has recently retired and increased its income considerably. Recently Priscilla published her book, entitled ‘Dark Clouds & Silver Linings’ comprising a collection of writings by British Servicemen and women,  their families and friends: the proceeds are donated to the charity, ‘Talking 2 Minds’.  Priscilla has had Vizslas since 1983 and presently has Khyber

Raymond Weakley – Admin

Raymond lives in Dorset ,retired some 10 years ago having spent 35 years working for an American Global  Corporation. Raymond has worked extensively in North America and Europe.
Born in Herefordshire and growing up in the Herefordshire country side Raymond has from a very early age had a keen interest in working animals and especially their welfare.

Welfare Officers

claire pic
Claire Millar

Claire lives in South Wales and has been involved with Vizslas since adopting a pup Woody in 2011 and then going on to adopt a Welfare boy Scooby

She retired from a career in account management in the FMCG industry and relocated from Wiltshire to Cardiff in 2016. She has 2 daughters and runs a dog walking business.

Claire is a keen runner and in April 2016 completed the London Marathon raising funds for our Welfare Charity. She grew up with dogs and has always wanted to work with animals so after falling in love with the Vizsla breed she is delighted to be involved in rescue and help other dogs find their forever home, just like her Scooby.

Rachel photo
Rachel Thomson

Rachel covers cover Shropshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire

She lives in Wolverhampton, is married to Ian, has had a mixture of dog breeds – Spinone, Rottweilers and currently  3 Vizslas, 2 of which have been rescues.

Rachel works for a travel management company based in Birmingham but is able to work from home most of the time. She and Ian are currently renovating a house in Wolverhampton, a project which is proving to be a long and painful process.She will be very glad when it’s all over!

Lizzi and Matt Styles

Lizzi and Matt cover Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside and Gtr Manchester

They have been Vizsla owners since 2014, and before becoming Welfare Officers assited in fostering and transporting Vizslas in need. They have a 2 year old Male called Duke. Lizzi is a masters student at Liverpool University and Matt is a regional Manager for a national Recruiting Agency. Their spare time is taken up with spoiling their Vizsla with long walks.

Vicky Leach

Vicky lives in the North East of England and with a friend runs the Teesside Vizsla Group. She has two Vizsla girls, Lola, who is almost 4years old and Spice who is 2.5 years old. Both girls have been shown, qualifying for for Crufts 2016.

Over the years Vicky has raised a lot of funds for HV Welfare, with husband Mark having run two marathons and completed a triathlon. For 2017 he has signed up for an Iron Man challenge

Vicky has been a great help to the Charity in the past having helped Helga with many re-homes. She is now looking forward to her full role as Welfare Officer.