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I understand that the Vizsla I take in may have no or very little background information with it. Some rescue Vizslas through no fault of their own do not get on well with other dogs, cats or are fearful of young children and may not do well being left on it’s own.


I can provide the following for a rescue :
  • A securely fenced exercise area
  • Indoor space to sleep
  • Adequate exercise and mental stimulation
  • Basic structure or training if needed
  • Grooming care
  • Correct feeding and access to water
  • Regular updates and photos to aid with the re-homing process


The Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity will be responsible for the following:
  • Spaying Castration Costs
  • Worming / Flea Treatments
  • Any additional needs such as thunder shirts
  • Veterinary treatment
  • Costs incurred through loss or accident by or to the rescue
  • Food (if required)
  • Support and advice to the adopter when needed or requested


I understand what I may be undertaking when I take in a rescue Vizsla/ Vizsla cross for re-homing and realise these dogs often come in with little or no background information. The dogs that come in may have behavioural issues or health problems.

If at anytime I cannot cope or need support in anyway I will contact the Hungarian Vizsla Welfare charity immediately.