Hector- 7yo – male vizsla

Hector had a fair bit of Veterinary input and crate rest as a young pup and this has left him very fearful of vets and life in general!

As he is so unsure of life –he can be territorial of front garden- which is easily remedied –by not allowing access to front of house.

Hector is very affectionate and loves a cuddle- as big as he is- he still has mad puppy moments of play with his chews.

He tolerates children – but would rather not be bothered by them and is good with dogs once he knows them.

Hector is mistrustful of strangers- but again once he knows the person –he is ok –as long as they do not keep making a fuss of him. Will go off once he has greeted visitors he knows in the house to find his own space.

When off lead walking- will happily play with dogs he knows -but once ready to leave can run after them barking.

Hector is a good traveller

He does suffer with nervous aggression –but the 3 occasions it has happened all could have been avoided –with some thought and fairly easily managed. None serious.

We are looking for a rural home – no children or certainly should be in their upper teens.

Someone who is experienced with male Vizslas or experienced with rescue dogs with some issues and should be the only dog in the house.

He needs a home with space where he can feel he has his own space if needed and he can relax.

Do you think you can help this boy – for a full profile call either Sue on 01892 834178 m-07928 319197 email

Or Helga on- 01254 824591 m-07813 641019  email

Hector 2015 07
Hector June 2015
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Hector woods