Hugo – 5yo Vizsla/Doberman cross. Neutered

*Hugo has now been rehomed* * HERE is Hugo’s very happy new life free_pink_heart_emoji_by_pinkprincessme-d8h2uxf*

Hugo is a handsome lad and very loving and gentle. He is good with children, other dogs and also cats. Sadly Hugo’s owners’ working circumstances mean that he has to be left for long periods of time. Despite the company of a young vizsla housemate Hugo is not coping well with this separation – he becomes quite stressed, scratching and clawing at his crate. The owners have tried various ways to help their boy– including a behaviour therapist – but these measures have not worked and unfortunately Hugo’s anxiety is getting worse. So now the sad conclusion has been reached that Hugo would be a happier boy if he were to have more human company. If you think that you could offer this sweet boy the life that he deserves and if you are around for most of the day – (ie perhaps retired or working from home) then please email Helga. Firstly though please fill out our adoption form –mentioning your particular interest in Hugo

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