Born-2004 Adopted- Aug 2010 Died- Dec 2010.

Bodrog came to us in the summer of 2010, already 6yrs old, but looking older than his years.

He was a gentle dog. Very friendly, always wagging his tail, always grateful for a pat and a stroke.
He was an imported dog from Hungary –that did not go through the KC Breed Record Supplement.

He was not neglected but I think he had coped with a spartan life the way he responded to anything that was given or done to him –a bit like my Bruno – even thought they may be brothers at one time – but cannot find any evidence for that. Although similar in build, looks and temperament.

A wonderful home was found for this lovely boy –and we thought he had landed on his feet. Well he had but sadly only for a very short time- In December 2010- he was put to sleep suffering from what vets thought was an Autoimmune Illness that seemed to engulf him quickly, whether because he was an older dog or because his system was not as robust as it could have been, we will never know –but what is fact is –he had 4mths of love, security and understanding for which we will always be grateful to Marylyn for who adopted him.
Sue Millson