MARCH 2016 – CARAT  – 23 months vizsla male – neutered –

*Carat has now been rehomed* *(scroll down to see this happy boy)*

Carat is a typical and very handsome young vizsla – affectionate, playful, energetic and eager to please. He is clever and quick to learn – has mastered the basics of obedience but needs further work on calm lead walking and his tendency to jump up to greet people. His behaviour with other dogs on walks can be a little erratic – he can bark/snap if feeling nervous – and he needs a lot of reassurance on these occasions. However he has proved that he can interact and play happily with dogs that he knows. He has no medical problems, has a good appetite and is currently living happily with a female vizsla.

He is mostly a very loving boy – he likes women especially and is being very good also with the two teenagers in his current foster home. However Carat cannot be rehomed with young children – he is too boisterous and some aspects of his behaviour can be unpredictable.

Carat can be anxious when left alone – however he has coped OK when left for 3/4 hours with a female vizsla for company so we are confident that this is something that could be resolved in a secure and settled environment.

Carat’s main problem is that he does not like to be suddenly disturbed. He seems to have a very sensitive startle reflex and when woken abruptly from deep sleep he has on occasion snapped or growled if he is approached in his crate at night. Without doubt something has happened in this boy’s past life to provoke this reaction but we know now that it is vital that Carat be woken quietly by voice – not touch – so that he has time to adjust before his instincts kick in.

Carat has made huge strides in his current experienced foster home and is now ready to meet a loving new family that can provide the understanding environment that he needs. We are looking especially for a home that is not too busy, with no young children and somebody that is around a lot (so no full time workers) A female companion would be fine but not a male . All enquires please to Helga and it would help a great deal if you were to complete the adoption form – mentioning your interest in this lovely boy

 A happy happy report  – in June 2016

So, So Pleased With Carat Sticks, Getting His First Kennel Club Good Citizen Certificate and Rosette Tonight, Not Bad Considering a Few Months Ago We Didn’t Know Each Other Existed. Bursting With Absolute Pride and Tears of Joy, Such a Good Boy and One Very Happy Mammy😁❤️

carat kc