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Casper is almost 2 yrs old and really needs an experienced Vizsla owning home.  He is good with other dogs, in fact is better with at least one other dog as a companion, or more, providing he has a strong and competent owner, who makes him feel safe and does not allow him to make decisions or be in charge.   He needs a calm, confident owner who is prepared to continue his training as Casper is a very clever dog, quick to learn and needs more than physical exercise to keep him stimulated and happy.  He is ideal for working trials, agility, clicker training etc as he loves to learn and is a very focussed and affectionate dog.  He needs to be around people and suffers from separation anxiety if left alone, which is another reason why he would benefit greatly from having at least one other Vizsla companion.

Casper is a lovely boy currently doing well in his foster home with 11 other dogs, and he is learning better lead skills (he is strong and pulls but is walking better each day with good training) and he is being desensitised to bikes, as he lunges and barks at them, but again is getting better with good management from his fosterer.  He is learning to be around a cat indoors but is highly focussed, and still chases them outdoors.  So would be easier to not have cats in the home, but providing the correct restraints and introductions are done, it is not impossible that he could live with a cat.   Casper is a happy but sometimes vocal boy, but responds well to learning new skills and really needs someone who will continue to work with him and put that need for him to please you, to good use.  He can open doors, and can be a good escape artist from a garden if fences are not secure or at least five feet.  But this again is due to boredom if he is not properly exercised etc.  He is good with people and older children and bonds quickly to a strong leader.  Loyal, affectionate but strong willed, he will make the right owners a wonderful companion.

I dont even need to say how very handsome he is!   But through no fault of his own he has in his short life been bounced around through more than four homes already, so we want to make really, really sure that this time his home will be committed, and forever.  If you think that you can be Casper’s so needed home, then please contact me on


July 2014
After several further weeks of assessment and training Casper has now been very happily and successfully rehomed. The Charity is fortunate to have found a perfect new owner who recognises and can deal with Casper’s especial challenges and who also has the insight and skills to continue with the progress that has already been made. Recall, bolshieness and barking will be problems for a while longer but good improvement is being noted and the new owner is confident that all will be well with time and patience. Casper now lives with an older vizsla with whom he loves to play and a senior German Shepherd who is kind enough to tolerate his zest for life! Caspar’s new family adore him – what a lucky boy to have found the perfect home!


August 2015

Caspar’s happy story continues – though his progress has not been without challenges!  His doting new owner reports

Week 11

At least I think it’s week 11 — my arms tell me its week 273!   Well, we’ve tried to see how far we can run on Camber Sands beach, we have tried to chase a duck in the river around the WHOLE of Tonbridge Park, and we’ve charmed every single person we meet at Linden Park.  We’ve dug about 7 holes in the garden repeatedly (you never know what might be down there) and we’ve entranced the dog trainer.

In short, Casper is a happy lad indeed.  Been working with the dog trainer for weeks now, so lead training is much better, and general behaviour much better.  Barking still happens every now and again — out of the blue he started chasing bicycles, when I’d had no trouble with for two months, so he still surprises me.  But his recall is now fabulous — I walk him off the lead in the park in a much wider route, and let him race around like a loon, but as I call he reacts immediately and changes direction.  He loves playing with other dogs, he loves chasing sticks.  And most of all he loves the water.  Which is lovely because my older viszla wasn’t so keen and now she loves swimming with him.  He sleeps like a log at night, in his basket, and loves chasing ball in the garden with my son who plays tennis ball football with him.  He follows me everywhere, so I have this dual ginger shadow as I move about the house, but who wouldn’t want that?  I’ve started taking him out and about to pubs and for walks in public places and he still attracts alot of attention but he wallows in it so that’s not a bad thing.

We start agility training in September, and I’m sure that will be a whole new laugh, but thought you would like to know — he’s settled. I think we’re almost there in terms of getting the worst things sorted out, and what remains is a calm, happy, well behaved delightful boy.  Who loves nothing more than a tummy tickle and a run in the woods 🙂

keep up your lovely work! ”

The Charity rejoices in reports like this – thank you Lynn for keeping us so well informed

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