Chai has found his forever home !

After a few weeks in foster care Chai now has been happily rehomed  – scroll down for pics

CHAI – Vizsla/Lab Cross, Approximately 6 yrs old

Chai was rescued from a shelter in Spain and brought to England about 2.5 yrs ago by the couple who now have asked us to help find him a new home.  When he first arrived in the UK, after 3 yrs of a difficult life in Spain, where for a while he lived in a skip, he was a lucky boy to be adopted and loved living in a nice warm house.  Sadly when the arrival  of human twins happened about 18 months ago, he has been living outside in a kennel with access to a paddock but little other exercise or stimulation.  He was  living with a a very scared little terrier/collie cross girl so at least had some company .  Due to the owners moving to a different property with no paddock or space for two outside dogs, we were asked to help.

And now Chai is being cosseted in his foster home, by a very kind friend, and is loving his new life learning to be valued again.  He has no issues with other dogs and is currently sharing his life with two male dogs and two females, and has already been out on walks where he has met other Vizslas and was fine.  He is a little overweight, as you can see from the photographs, but that is mainly due to lack of exercise and diet.  He is now going to get lots of both and will soon be back to looking more like he used to.  Although Chai does have Labrador in him, his behaviour and temperament is much more that of a Vizsla.  He craves affection, company and cuddles and we will like a home for him where he will get lots of all these things.  Chai was loved in his previous home, so he has no issues with humans, apart from being a bit wary until he trusts you are not going to hurt him.  But keeping a dog outside is totally unsuitable for our breed, even with the labrador in him, he has suffered and craves to be valued as part of a home.  It is amazing how quickly he has settled into his foster home and now all he needs is someone to offer him a forever home.

Here are 3 videos of Chai to show how quickly he has settled in to life with his foster mum

If you think you could be Chai’s new home please contact Welfare Officer Helga Root,  and she can tell you lots more about him.


December 2014

After a few weeks with very kind fosterers Chai has now settled in to his wonderful new home – what a lucky boy!