Born- 2000  Adopted- 2001   Died- 2012


Dapper came to us because the family who bought him from breeder found they could not cope with this boisterous bundle of “Russet Gold” imitating a heat seeking missile.
Breeder do not want pup returned to them!!- so we had him for rehoming.

The right family came along and he settled very well. He went to a forces family- who would be posted abroad but only around the European bases. So Dapper was given his passport –and during his life with his family was loved by all. He was a much travelled boy who was never fazed by the moves- as long as his family was with him.

Was diagnosed with Splenic cancer which was removed and survived a further 2yrs.
Sadly he lost his battle with cancer at the age of 12yrs- but the family said he was a great ambassador for the breed, and was well thought of on all the military camps he stayed on.
Vale Dapper.