Please help the Charity’s work by making a donation – just click on the button below. A paypal account is not necessary – you can pay by credit or debit card.

All funds raised are used to ensure the health and welfare of the Hungarian Vizsla, and to assist in restoring to health and finding homes for all Vizslas who need our help.

If you are donating to support a particular fundraising event  – then please specify in checkouts paypal reference box –   – eg Meno’s fundraiser or Rick’s GNR – then we will know who to thank

By default all donations go to the Charity’s welfare fund – to pay for the huge expenses involved in the rehoming of vizslas in need. Apart from this vital work the Charity also supports research in to our breed specific presentation of an auto-immune disease called Polymyositis. If you would like your donation to help with this valuable work – please add “PM Fund” to the Paypal reference box. This page tells you more

The Charity’s audited accounts can be viewed here –  and also on the Charity Commission’s website  – using the Charity number – 1147353