Duke William – Vizsla male age 4.5 yrs
Duke is a sensitive boy who hates being left – like many Vizslas he suffers with separation anxiety. He can be destructive on occasion if he is left for long periods so would definitely need a home where someone is around most of the time and also has a female dog, as he currently lives with his half sister, whom he adores.
Duke has not been castrated. (but this would have to happen once he is settled) Duke’s vaccinations are all up to date. His medical history is good without any ops/illness and he is in very good condition. He is microchipped. They get fed in the morning and a smaller bowl at teatime. Sleeps in utility room on a soft bed but Duke has found a way to get the latch off and comes upstairs and sleeps on a very comfy chair at the top of the stairs and just outside his owners bedrooms .

He loves to wander around the garden chasing squirrels and birds. He is good with children, used to 10yrs and up, but has no experience of younger children, so he needs a home where older children only. He is ok with cats and other dogs and horses. When out for a walk pretty good, he goes and socialises but on the whole is willing to come back. Selective deafness at times so recall may need some work.
Has bitten once – the postman , as he leaned over the gate. It was a superficial wound and is now the reason he is being rehomed. So it is something to be noted and he must not be allowed to territory guard and be unsupervised in a garden when the postman is around.
He is a very, very affectionate boy, loves being loved. If you have lots of time, a female dog for company, then Duke will be the most loving companion.

Here is a video showing how handsome Duke is and also his zest for life.

Please email Helga Root with all your details if you are interested in him: