We now have another Hugo for rehoming.This boy is a large 14 month old, recently neutered Male.  Due to change of owners circumstances beyond his control (and then a failed homing with another dog, and then having to move between foster homes) he has had a very unsettled last few months.  We would really like to find this affectionate, boisterous dollop the right home this time, so here is a very good assessment of him from his current, very experienced foster home:

  • Hugo is a very intelligent and affectionate dog.
  • Like most Vizsla’s he loves nothing more than curling up for a cuddle and kiss.
  • He craves human companionship and loves to be around his owner.
  • Hugo needs an active owner who has a suitable area where he can be off lead daily. Due to his high energy levels without adequate exercise he could become difficult in the home.
  • The type of food is very important to keep him calm and manageable. Raw food preferably but Carbohydrate/Sugars are a big no no and would increase this already high energy personality.
  • If exercised well and fed correctly he is very calm in the home and sleeps most of the day.
  • His love for food paired with his willingness to learn makes him a fabulous and fun dog to train.
  • Hugo enjoys following structured obedience which makes him a wonderful dog to photograph.
  • He has an excellent natural ability as a gundog. Whilst with me he has produced multiple steady points on rabbits and birds but needs work on sitting on the whistle in front of moving game. Very strong prey drive needs harnessing.
  • Whilst he is a large dog he is also extremely agile and while treats are present he has full attention on the owner. Making him a perfect candidate for agility.
  • Hugo is very friendly with both people and dogs he encounters outside the home.
  • He plays very well with dogs of all genders and sizes but his enthusiasm for greeting dogs who may not want to socialise needs addressing. His size can be intimidating for some dogs so social awareness needs improving.
  • He has been well socialised with children but as he is still a puppy he is large and clumsy. Which may be a problem with small children.
  • Hugo plays well with other dogs and shares attention and toys outside the home.
  • More than anything Hugo needs an active home with an owner who can dedicate time and energy  to furthering his obedience training and harnessing his enthusiastic personality.

After some time assessing Hugo’s behaviour in the house without the stress of another young, entire male to compete with, we have found that Hugo was much happier with just Luna, the female he has been living with for two weeks.  So we now would like to ask for anyone interested in adopting him that is ‘experienced’ with the breed, and possible has a mature female to help him learn and mature himself, to apply by completing our online adoption form and mentioning your interest in Hugo, the 14 month old neutered male.  If you want to discuss him with Helga in more detail, then please email on helg@root7.freeserve.co.uk with your contact tel number.

In the following pics Hugo is the big lad – click on the image for better quality