Hugo – 1yo male Vizsla

*Hugo has now been rehomed*

Hugo came to the Charity as a very intelligent energetic 10 month old vizsla that had previously had very little training and who had spent a great deal of time in his crate. He was destructive, lacking in manners and in need of constant supervision to prevent unwanted behaviours.

After a couple of months with an experienced foster home Hugo has improved a great deal. He cannot yet be trusted to be alone at home – he has chewed a sofa and has a penchant for grabbing items that take his fancy – so everything has to be safely out of reach.

But these are all puppy things really and probably result from Hugo being unaccustomed to freedom. We can probably expect him to be less tempted by opportunity once he matures and adapts even more to family life. Already he has learned to settle  – after his walks – so a calmer Hugo is emerging.

Like all vizslas Hugo responds best to calm, friendly and firm handling – and will readily relinquish his stolen trophies if exchanged for higher value items. He is very food orientated so that has been very useful in the matter of helping Hugo to develop more sociable skills

Hugo is very friendly with people and dogs alike but he will still jump up at people sometimes and his recall when distracted is not reliable

The Charity believes that Hugo will make an adorable family member if teamed with an experienced and consistent owner. His energy and enthusiasm require channeling – he needs activities – perhaps agility would be an excellent option. With his foster family Hugo has lived happily with other dogs and teenagers – we do not know how he would be with small children or cats. A family with another calm dog might be ideal.

If you think that you might be the perfect home for Hugo then please email Welfare Officer Sue Millson – but first complete the adoption application – mentioning your interest in this particular vizsla