August 2016 – Laszlo – 2yo Vizsla male

* November 2016 – after 2 very difficult months trying match this boy – Sue found a perfect fit. See the lovely pic of him in front of the log burner. Such a happy result *

This very friendly boy is looking for a home, due to health issues in his present family and because of this he is unable to be exercised regularly.

He is very boisterous when he meets other dogs but not an ounce of aggression in him but can be intimidating for nervous dogs. Also he has no off switch when it comes to small children –would bounce up to them and possibly knock them over –again not aggressive –but could be very frightening for young children. With training, consistency & patience in time –these two issues can be lessened or removed. Much of it will be his age and also has plenty of energy to get rid of.

His one big issue and it is a real problem –he hates getting into a car –and needs sedating if journey required for vets etc. Present owners –cannot think of any trigger that caused this.

Therefore ideally we are looking for a country home with no small children, someone at home –to invest the time and energy to this young lad and who do not have to get in a car to get to places to walk.

Lazslo lives in South Wales therefore we are looking for a family within that area so that he has a short journey to his new family. As the sedation he needs is very strong for him to get into a car.

If you think you are this family please register online, mentioning your interest in Lazslo – and then get in contact with Sue on – or ring for a chat- 01892 834178.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Welfare Officer


Lazslo in his new home
Lazslo in his new home