Leo – 1996 – 2008

Way back in 1996, we heard through a friend about the Vizsla Club’s welfare work and soon found ourselves adopting Leo, a very beautiful but extremely energetic one year old Vizsla. We hadn’t really known the breed prior to meeting Leo, but did have a springer spaniel so knew all about high energy dogs! Leo was a wonderful boy from the start, fitting in well with both of our other dogs. He was very clean in the house and had obviously been well brought up, as he had good manners and was basically obedient – just very big and lively! We were told that his previous owners had lived in central London and had found that they couldn’t give Leo the outdoor life that he obviously needed.

Leo had a very active and happy life, with many hours spent at our stables where he proved to be very sensible around the horses. He also adopted our small flock of chickens and would follow them round endlessly with a very paternal look on his face. Once when we brought a new kitten home, he took it under his wing and it was often to be found suckling from his armpit!

Leo had very few health problems apart from arthritis in his later years. He lived to the age of 11½, at which time his joints got the better of him. We will always have very fond memories of our first Vizsla.

leo and boris – another welfare boy