Lucy – 14 month old female – 3/4 Vizsla X

*Lucy has now been rehomed*

Introducing LUCY – aged 14 months, spayed and vaccinated, 75% Vizsla as Father was a full Vizsla, and Mum a Vizsla cross (perhaps Doberman or GSP)

  • Lucy is a lovely, energetic and playful girl.  She is currently being left all day and finding this very stressful, so chews and cries.  Lucy needs a home where she will have someone around more, and has experience of a Vizsla, or similar breed, as she is very Vizsla like in her nature.  She has no experience of children and her bounciness would not be advisable around young children.
  • Lucy walks well with a Halti but pulls on the lead without this aid.
  • Recall when there are no other dogs around is excellent. However when other dogs around she gets easily distracted and it can be difficult to get her back.
  • General obedience is OK when she is calm.
  • She has not been around cats. She is OK with other dogs. She can be a bit nervous of them when she is on a lead. But when she is off lead she is very playful.
  • Lucy travels well in both back seat and the boot. She is very calm in the car.

Any interested parties, please email Helga Root