meno growing up

January 2015

Meno is now 6.5 months old and recently had his first big outing and first time on the beach too. Helga writes –

He did really well, was ever so good with all the other dogs and is such a super natured little boy.  Everyone loved him and David was so proud of him.  His big sister Bella couldn’t come as she came into season so he was also alone for the first time, but still just got on with it all.  He had us all in fits of laughter with his ‘Meercat’ sits but is learning to balance in all sorts of different terrains and situations now.  His muscle tone is really good and I am sure as he grows will get even better.  David and Said have been careful not to exercise him too much and keep him on grass, but he loved the sand yesterday too.  But he fell over a few times on the  dunes, bless him, just got right back up and galloped off.

Here are some lovely pics – click for a high quality image