In November 2016 Rocket flew on to his next life. Our wonderful adopter Alan reports that he died from a growth on his bowel. Rocket had other immune mediated health issues too. Here is Alan’s homage to his lovely boy (and scroll down to read Rocket’s original rehoming story )

Like most Vizslas he had his share of health problems namely teeth, autoimmune where all his claws fell out, he eventually succumbed to a growth on his bowel. One of the hardest things I have had to do was to cuddle him whilst he was given the final injection.

His manners were impeccable and he loved to travel, when in the car you had to keep asking yourself did you put him in he was so settled and quite.

He was a very lively dog ( Rocket by name and rocket by nature ) who loved his walks on the beach with his great friend Archie (a black Labrador), the pair of them were inseparable and enjoyed many holidays together.  He made friends very quickly (human & doggy) all people that came in contact with Rocket adored him.

He was a very valued member of the family and will be greatly missed, we are very privileged for the time we had with him.

Rocket 4 36
Rocket 3 2012
Rocket 3 49

Rocket’s rehoming story

Rocket 1 2011

When we adopted Rocket he came with a number of issues, which is only to be expected considering he was abandoned by his previous owner who he probably loved.

It takes time for a dog and new owners to adjust to each other (and it is a two way street) he still has one issue namely the front door bell. When the doorbell rings he goes into “I am going to defend the house mode”, this is not a bad thing as we now do not have problems with hawkers or party political candidates. We have learned to allow for this as part of the mutual adjustment and we now have a very loving dog which has given us a lot of pleasure and is very firmly part of the family.