Scooby has now been rehomed …

December 2014


Scooby is a calm, gentle, big boy, but well conformed, and very handsome. He is just over 3 yrs old, castrated and is currently in one of our foster homes in Lancashire.  He is good with kids, great with other dogs, male or female,  living with a cat but with close supervision ( until he gets used to new cat) and has good manners.  He sits, stays and greets nicely, and has already passed his Bronze Good Citizen award.  His issues are outside the home as in his previous life he was left outside a lot in a large garden and learned to ‘guard’ the borders by barking at people walking by, or passing traffic.  We have been working on this and he is does respond to training, and with the right time and patience he will soon get de-sensitised, and realise that it is not his ‘job’ to do this and just needs a confident and kind owner who will help him to achieve this.  He has a slight medical condition that requires a nasal spray up his nose morning and night to control his kidneys working too fast, and this works perfectly, and the costs of the medication will be covered for life by the charity.  Other than this he is a very fit, healthy boy who just wants to be cuddled and valued.  A typical Vizsla Dollop!


His ideal home would be an experienced Vizsla owner that has the knowledge and understanding of the ‘Vizsla Anxiety’ that is often a trait and is prepared to put in the time to work with Scooby to help him get over this.  In only a few days with his Foster parent he is already making great progress, so we know that he can be desensitised from this behaviour of guarding.  He will be happy with other dogs for company, or on his own as long as he has a good amount of human company too.  He is a good traveller in the car, and is a good boy in the home too.  His issues are small really for the right owner, not someone who works full time and leaves him outside a lot which is what has caused this.


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