Abi began her new life when she joined our family in September 2010 at around 7 years old.  Her frightened, sore eyes and faeces encrusted coat painted a pretty accurate picture of her previous life and we knew straight away that we were about to embark on a long and patient journey to gain her trust. Not only was she psychologically scarred she could only walk short distances to begin with as her muscle was almost non existent.  It was several months before her eyes began to glint and she started to wag her tail. Eventually her personality began to shine through and after about 12 months she finally stopped being frightened of our feet.  She was enjoying life again and was loving every minute. Four years on and Abi is a very different dog to the one we brought home and her nervousness of strangers is the only remnant of her past life that remains. She is a huge part of our family and we will be forever grateful to Vizsla Welfare for trusting us to adopt her.

abi  – on adoption – just after her bath