Born-September 2002 Adopted- Feb 2003 Died-8th October 2014
I picked up Amber in March 02 from Sue Millson as a 16 week old pup and from that day she has been my Stalking companion. Amber took to the family as if it was her first and is great with children- they call her waggle bum. After a settling period I started her training with basic commands Sit, Down, Come, Heal, Leave, No. etc always rewarding with her favorite toy. She was always with me at this stage at home and work.
At around 8 months old I started her Deer Training. This is where I introduced the harness so she understood she was looking for injured deer. This is a slow process, firstly looking for small parts in the garden then introducing a deer carcass and getting her to come back to me, then taking me to where it was .Her training included both blood trailing and air scenting. She also loves water and it is difficult to keep her out if there is any around.
Amber at 18mths old was very proficient and at 5 years she was doing demos for stalking groups in the south of the country. She is now on call most of the time. However due to her age sometimes she has to be left in the car and its then she exerts the full force of her voice and objects.
Amber has never lost an injured deer to my knowledge. The breed in my eyes is superb for Stalking and when I retire her I will get another little girl and hopefully she will be as good as Amber. However she will have a lot to live up to.
8th October 2014
Sue it has been a sad day my beloved Amber passed away today at 0900 up in Scotland she’s had a heart attack in the living room it was all over in seconds
She is with the vets and been cremated and sent to my friends up hear then joining me at home to be with her old friend Bessy who she grew up with
Take care
Tony Cook