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part 1

My name is Katherine, I am 11 years old and I am in a wheelchair.

I wanted a dog for 2 years, (though it felt a lot longer!) and I nagged and nagged my mum until she gave in! Now I have a beautiful Vizsla called Beau who came to live with us on the 22nd March 2012 from the Hungarian Vizsla Welfare and made me the happiest girl in the world!

Every morning he rushes into my room, jumps up onto my bed and gives me great big kisses! When I come down stairs in my lift, Beau is waiting for me at the bottom and his whole body is wagging with excitement, to see me. I love him so much. After breakfast he comes in the car with us to school and he tries to sit on my lap as we are driving! I hate it when I leave him but I know he will have a great time with the horses at the yard.

After school, Mum drives in and the first thing I see is Beau’s lovely expression as he sees me. He jumps out of the car and flattens me! Next we go for a walk with him and my twin brother Nick.

A few days ago he had his first ever swimming lesson given by two golden retrievers who were very strong swimmers. First he watched and eventually he waded in and started to swim. He had great fun playing fetch with a stick in the water and we had great fun watching him. He was so funny as he tried to out swim the golden retrievers. He had a really good time.

Later that evening we go down to the yard, where Mums horse Lowana lives. After putting Lowana away we go down to the jumps paddock with Beau where he shows off his talent for show jumping! He zooms round at 100 miles an hour jumping over everything in sight. He is unbelievably good at it and is so pleased with himself.

After a busy day we go home for dinner, which he enjoys very much! He sits patiently by his bowl until I tell him to go for it and scoffs it all up. Then to bed on his favourite chair or the sofa for a cuddle. He is so soft especially his ears which are like velvet. He loves his cuddles from me!

Thank you so much for finding me the best dog ever and I couldn’t have found a more perfect dog in the world.

Katherine and Beau

Bye bye for now.


part 2

Beau’s Blog

Hi everyone, My name’s Katherine and I am 13 years old and in a wheelchair. As you know, I rescued my handsome Hungarian Vizsla Beau about 2 and a half years ago and it has been an absolutely wonderful experience. He loved the snow and was ecstatic at Christmas when he received a whole bunch of presents, that he still plays with, to this day.

Beau is now 5 years old and he is as beautiful as the day we got him. The funny thing is he still acts like a puppy despite his age, chasing moths and butterflies, galloping everywhere, and in the Autumn he chases leaves as we kick them. It is hilarious. At Christmas he was treated to his favourite enormous rawhide bone, which all in all, took him 2 hours to munch his way through. Beau also got a stack of presents, including a Santa hat, which makes him look very festive, a bag full of toys, which he de-squeaked as soon as he got them! He has started a very cute, yet a little annoying habit of opening everybody’s presents for them. Granted he did it rather neatly but it was a bit of a surprise when he joined in. I think he just wanted to be the center of attention!

Every Sunday morning Mum and I snuggle up in her bed and we have a, not so little, visitor who loves to lie in the middle and take up all the room! It his favorite day of the week and we rather enjoy it too! He loves to swim and so we bought him a blue plastic stick that floats in the water. Beau would play this fetch game endlessly if he could and never runs out of energy.

Beau is my constant companion, from the moment he kisses me awake in the morning to the last goodnight wag of his tail. He has made me so very happy and made my life so much better for having him. I could not imagine having any other dog or life without my best friend Beau.