Bodi and Dali – a boy and girl rehomed together after the sad death of their previous owner.

Dali (3 ½ ) and Bodi (6 ½ ) moved in with us and our 11 year old male spaniel- cross, Jasper, 5 weeks ago on the 5th July amidst much excitement and anticipation on our part. We had previously owned an amazing Vizsla who was beautiful in both appearance and temperament but who had recently died at the age of seven from liver cancer.
On the first day Dali and Bodi greeted our old Jasper with growls and barks and rather a lot of disdainful looks. Jasper took it all in his stride and tolerated the two intruders-just!
As the day progressed Dali growled constantly at poor Jasper as she tried to assert her dominance over him the way she had over Bodi-she was definitely the boss! Luckily, Jasper is an easy going old boy who mainly tolerated her; only occasionally having a little grumble.
We kept them on the lead for the first day as we didn’t want to ‘lose’ them but by the second day they seemed so settled that we relented and let them run free on the sandy beach. They loved it! Bodi refused to come out of the sea and just waited for us to throw balls for him. He bounded through the waves to retrieve them but then, strangely, dropped them. Luckily, he and Dali worked as a team so she brought the balls back to shore for the game to start all over again. Jasper meanwhile, paddled in the shallows and watched his newly adopted brother and sister at play, occasionally stealing their ball and running off with it.
In the house they were both very well behaved-apart from Dali chewing a shoe, my mobile phone and socks. She has taught us to be tidier and clear up after ourselves! In the evenings all 3 dogs race for space on the two sofas with us-all wanting to be close to their humans. Bodi and Dali love to cuddle up close together. Jasper will now share a sofa with one of them but still likes his personal space!
All seemed to be going very well for the first two weeks: they were all getting on, they came back when called and they appeared happy. However, during the third week, Dali started snarling at other dogs when she was both on and off the lead. This was obviously a huge concern as we did not want an aggressive dog. We started having to put her on the lead when we saw other dogs-not ideal but necessary. Soon after we introduced her to a beautiful, calm, blue Great Dane who walked, with her owners, in the same country park as us. We began walking daily with the Great Dane who had an amazing calming influence on Dali: whenever they were running free together Dali did not growl or snarl at another dog. Over the course of the week we met more and more dogs with no problems at all.
Then the time came to brave it alone without the Great Dane. We deliberately walked at a busy time so we knew we would meet lots of dogs. We met an assortment of shapes and sizes ranging from 3 ten week old puppies to 2 golden retrievers…all 3 dogs were brilliantly behaved. We were very relieved and proud of Dali. However, we can’t become complacent as the following day she snarled at a very submissive dog. We still have work to do with her but we are definitely making progress.
Both Bodi and Dali are highly intelligent and quick learners although Dali can be very stubborn! They are very affectionate, loving and great fun to be with. Even though they have only been with us for 5 weeks they are definitely part of the family and we love them both dearly. They each have their own very distinct personalities which makes life interesting. Although they are very different from our last Vizsla, we sometimes see glimpses of her in them, which is lovely!
At the moment we have only left them alone for a maximum of 2 hours so we need to build this up gradually so they can be left for longer.
Watch this space!