This page is to tell of many vizslas that are much loved in their new homes. Please come back often to see updates – we have quite a backlog to upload!

Yogi’s page

Rez’s page

Hugo (the Chocolate one)’s page

Ellie’s story

Thor’s story

Carat’s story

Flynn’s story

Isla’s story

Arnold’s story

pippa and megan’s story

oscar’s story

paddy’s page

kepa’s story

odie’s story

wentworth’s story

ruta’s story

meno’s story

chai’s story

bruno’s story

olly’s story

boris’s story

bodi’s story

jabu’s story

bobby’s story

fern’s story

abi’s story

rocket’s story

crockett’s story

dali’s story

dapper’s story

rusty’s story

beau’s story

amber’s story

archie’s story