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April 2017 – In February 5 month old Baloo came in to the Charity’s care  He had a Grade 5 heart murmur (the worst) and his owner could not afford treatment. Last year the Charity had a similar case – little Freya  – and although her surgery was expensive, she is now active and healthy with normal  life expectancy. So the Trustees agreed that Baloo should be given a similar chance. His life-saving surgery was on 23 March and recovery is going very well. Baloo is staying with a very experienced foster carer and the plan is to rehome him once he has fully recovered. Costs so far are in excess of £4000 and one of our Welfare Officers – Claire Millar  – is raising funds by running the Liverpool Rock ‘N Roll Marathon. Already the wonderful vizsla community has dug deep and so far almost £1500 has been raised. More is needed though so do visit Claire’s Virgin Just Giving Page to see how you can help with this lovely lad’s future

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April 2017 The 5th Vizsla Agility League competition was held on March 31st. Over 40 gingers took part in the event. From the sales of hot drinks, 2 raffles and excess funds from entry fees The Ginger Agility folk raised a whopping £500.40 which will be split between Welfare & PM research.
A brilliant day of ginger agility was had by all and the Charity is once again indebted for this level of support – thank you !


March 2017 A massive £520 towards the VIP research was raised by the the raffle of a special limited edition print generously donated by Karen Gold (Llassah) in loving memory of her vizslas Vacs and Puzzle. The raffle for this coveted prize was organised by stalwarts Gill Aynsley and Vicky Leach and was drawn at Crufts by the owner of the winner of Hungarian Vizsla Best of Breed. A lovely gesture by all concerned. The Charity is very grateful indeed for this donation


March 2017  our amazing Helga and her wonderful friends in the North West  recently ran another hugely popular online auction – which attracted lots of generous donations and many enthusiastic bidders. Almost £6000 was raised and this was shared between a number of causes devoted to helping vizslas in need. The Charity is very grateful indeed for its donation of £3000 – to be shared equally between Welfare and the ongoing Polymyositis research.Please visit the North West Fundraising Group for full details of all of their activities.

NWVW Auction Banner
Sussex Vizsla Fundraisig

March 2017 – The lovely community that is the Sussex Vizslas Fundraising Group recently held a very successful online auction to add further funds to their support of Hector – a  young boy recently diagnosed with Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy (VIP) His veterinary bills have been considerable so his friends stepped in to help – and now they have also been kind enough to donate £500 to the Charity – for the continuing research in to this devastating disease. We are very grateful – thank you – and we wish Hector well


February 2017 – Really HUGE thanks to the Annual Widemouth Viz Whizz for their amazing donation of £1000 – we are very grateful for this support for our work –

87 Vizslas amidst stunning scenery – this video  captures it all

February 2017 Grateful thanks to our long standing supporters in North Devon. Their Viz Whizz at Woolacombe Beach on 5 February raised a very welcome £114 for the research in to Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy (VIP) Thanks guys – looked a lot of fun – (click on an image for better quality)


Thank you very much to our friends on the Hungarian Vizsla UK Facebook Group for their very kind donation of £200 – from the sale of their 2017 Calendar. We are very grateful

HV UK Banner
Welfare Calendar – 2017

December 2016 Still time to order a 2017 Welfare Calendar – It is high quality, A4 but opening to A3 display size with 74 rehomes in it, all beautiful of course.  And you will also be helping the charity continue with its work in 2017 rehoming and helping Vizslas and their owners. More details of prices and how to order


December 2016 Our lovely friends in the North East held their Christmas Whizz on 11th December and almost 70 vizslas attended.A highlight of the day was a talk by Gillian Aynsley on the subject of Polymyositis in the vizsla – a cause dear to her heart since her beloved Spice succumbed to the disease in 2010. Gillian has become an expert on the signs to look out for and because members were very interested to hear what she had to say they decided that £100 from their Calendar sales be donated to the PM research. The Charity is very grateful to the North East Vizsla Group for their generosity and continuing support – thank you so much free_pink_heart_emoji_by_pinkprincessme-d8h2uxf

December 2016  on 11th December our very own Helga hosted the now well established tradition of the North West Viz Christmas Whizz at Formby Point. 63 Vizslas and 3 Hon Vizslas attended and all were really good with each other. £340 in total was raised by collection and sales of dog treats (thanks to 13yo Ella Brooks Birkett!)  –   and the Charity is very grateful indeed for its share of £100. The vizsla community is so so wonderful free_pink_heart_emoji_by_pinkprincessme-d8h2uxf


*It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas*


….. and the Charity would like to thank the many people that are being kind enough to make individual donations. Hopefully you have all been thanked personally but we would like to place on record how grateful we are for your kindness and generosity

December 2016 – On Sunday 11th  the West Midlands Viz Whizz met for a festive Christmas Whizz. James Beattie reports that  It was their biggest ever gathering with 64 vizslas turning up. The walk was followed by a Christmas Raffle with fantastic prizes donated including, copious amounts of champagne, wine and liquor, portable shower, XL cave bed, personalised Christmas decorations and even horse riding lessons. There was also a cake sale and altogether a phenomenal £1000 was raised for Vizsla Welfare. Amazing amazing effort – thank you so much


December 2016 – One of our amazing adopters  – who in 2014 re-homed Odie  – has turned her creative hands to producing and selling a Vizsla Advent Calendar – a gravy bone tree! and also bandanas and Bow Ties.These amazing items sold well locally and also at the Salisbury Christmas Viz Whizz. So far  £150 has been raised – and earmarked for the ongoing research in to Vizsla Polymyositis –  thank you Glynis free_pink_heart_emoji_by_pinkprincessme-d8h2uxf


December 2016 – The East of England Viz Whizzers are long standing supporters of the Charity and 2016 has been no exception. In December the Charity was very grateful indeed to receive a further donation of more than £300 – and this time directed to helping with the research in to VIP (Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy) – you can read more about the Group’s activities here

November 2016 – Louise Keddick is a great friend of the Charity and in March 2016 adopted Dexter after losing her lovely Walter to a tragic stick accident Soon after Louise also rehomed Rufus another vizsla boy needing a forever home.

To support the Charity – and also 2 other favourite Charities  (Pendleside Hospice and The Brain Tumour Charity) Louise ran the Tatton Half Marathon  – completing it successfully. No mean feat after a baby only in April and 3 other children. Here is Louise’s just giving page. A total of £1163 (£1369.25 including Gift aid) was raised  – and the Charity will be benefiting with a donation of  £450.Thank you so much Louise  – we are very grateful for your generosity


October 2016 – James Beattie is a great supporter of the Charity and helps a lot too with fostering and transport. He also runs Luna’s Luxury Home Boarding and has now set up a scheme to donate 50% of the money that he raises when owners opt to purchase memory sticks of their dogs stay. James has just made a donation of £100 from his recent sales – thank you so much James. Here are some more lovely pics


October 2016  our amazing Helga and her wonderful friends in the North West  recently ran another hugely popular online auction – which attracted lots of generous donations and many enthusiastic bidders. A record breaking £9904 was raised and this was shared between a number of causes devoted to helping vizslas in need. It was also possible to pay costs for some vizslas needing help with vet bills.The Charity is very grateful indeed for its donation of £3500 – with £1000 of this going to the ongoing Polymyositis research.Please visit the North West Fundraising Group for full details of all of their activities.

October 2016  Many thanks to Kelly Robinson of Wooster and Lizzles who ran a fundraising stall at the Hungarian Vizsla Club’s Championship Show on 2nd October. Lots of lovely goodies were on sale and Kelly very generously donated £100 from the profits to the Charity’s Polymyositis Fund. Thank you so much Kelly (and those sniff and seek mats are FAB – happysmiley*Update December 2016* and once again the PM Fund has benefited thanks to Kelly’s generosity – she has just donated a further £79 – thank you lovely lady free_pink_heart_emoji_by_pinkprincessme-d8h2uxf


September 2016 Vicky Leach is a wonderful supporter of the charity and her brave Hubbie Mark has once again risen to extreme challenge and completed the Woburn Abbey Triathalon  – a 1500m swim followed by a 40k bike ride then a 10k run. Mark and Vicky raised the magnificent sum of (currently)  £1220 – more than the target – what a huge achievement !! All of this is being donated to the research in to Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy  – visit Vicky’s page to read about her Spice’s journey. Next year Ironman and a 10K !!

Thank you – you wonderful people!



July 2016  Once again the Charity has been the lucky recipient of a donation from Agility stalwarts “Team Ginger” who have been kind enough to donate their £200 demo fee from Just Dogs Live – at the East of England Show. It was a fantastic display we gather – and we are so very grateful to all concerned for thinking once again of vizslas in need. Thank you so much !

June 2016 – many thanks to stalwart Charity supporter Kelly Robinson who ran a stall at a local dog show to raise funds for the PM fund, Cyprus Viz Rescue and two lab rescues.Some lovely items were for sale (click on pics to see more)  – including 150+ bags of doggy treats – so lots of happy buyers. A very generous £80 has been donated to the Charity – we are very grateful


April 2016 Well! This a different one! (we LOVE how ingenious our supporters are in coming up with novel fundraising ideas) James Beattie has been of great help to the Charity with his fostering skills and his latest effort was a charity boxing match – with the sponsorship monies being divided between Cancer Research and the HV Welfare Charity. Thank you James for our donation of £277.50!   Here is his account of the match


So last Saturday I stepped between the ropes and boxed in front of over 1000 people in the name of charity!
I had zero boxing experience before the event but trained hard for 8 weeks to get ready for it.
The guy I was fighting had 23 amateur fights to his name so for me to be paired up with him by the promoters/trainers was a big compliment.
The fight was fair and while I threw the harder punches (broken nose, black eye and split lip) He threw more scoring points. Despite me not walking away with a scratch my opponent was awarded the win on judges score card. GUTTED!
However the real winner on the night was the charities I fought for!!
Thanks to the love and support of so many wonderful people I managed to raise £665 for Cancer Research and £277.50 for Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity!!!
Thank you to everyone who donated to both of these fantastic causes 👏
Hungarian Welfare Charity was announced over the speaker on numerous occasions during the night and I smiled every time I heard it 😊

rachel shergold geocashing

April 2016 Our thanks go to Rachel Shergold for her donation of £18. This sum was raised from a recent Geocaching event that she organised. Rachel’s other passion is Agility – which started with her vizsla Sasha – now 11 years old  – who was adopted through Welfare many years ago.Well done to all concerned  – your generosity is very much appreciated.


April 2016 Our good friends on the London and Surrey Viz Whizz organise a monthly Bonus Ball Bonanza which rewards the winner with a large cash prize and also the opportunity to donate £180 to a good cause of their choice. Our thanks go to Shona McTaggart for this month choosing us to benefit – we are really grateful for your kindness

London and Surrey logo

April 2016 The Wales & South West Vizz Whizzers had a super sunny zoom time at Ashton Court. They collected  £42 and asked that this be donated to the Polymyositis Research Fund to “help in the fight against this terrible disease” Thank you guys – a cause dear to our hearts


April 2016 – Every year the HV & HWV Agility League hold an annual competition.Enthusiast and organiser Lynsday Thomason reports that “this year the highest number ever of ginger agility enthusiasts attended. It was an amazing day. As well as enjoying ginger agility we sold hot drinks, held a raffle, sold home made dog treats and there was money over once all costs were covered. In total, the ginger agility folk raised a whopping £520 for Vizsla Welfare”

Well done all  – the Charity is so very grateful for your continuing help and support

(lots of “action” going on in that pic happysmiley)


March 2016 Helga and her wonderful friends in the North West  recently ran another hugely popular online auction – which attracted lots of generous donations and many enthusiastic bidders. An amazing £6267 was raised and this was shared between a number of causes devoted to helping vizslas in need. It was also possible to pay costs for a couple of local vizslas that required financial assistance. The Charity is very grateful indeed for its donation of £2000 – to be split equally between Welfare and the ongoing Polymyositis research.Please visit the North West Fundraising Group for full details of all of their activities.

March 2016 – Last year Duncan and Anne McHattie, from Edinburgh, adopted Summer – a little vizsla girl that had experienced a particularly hard start in life. Summer now has a lovely life and Duncan has been kind enough to include the Charity in a Darts Marathon  – two non stop 12hr stints of playing continuously  from 12pm to 12am on both Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th. You can contribute to this wonderful fundraising by visiting

Duncan’s Virgin Money Giving Page

duncan's challenge

February 2016 – A very welcome donation of £41 from the Wales & South West Viz Whizzers – who recently all got together at Sand Bay. Weston-super-Mare. Thank you very much for thinking of the Charity – we are very grateful for your help


February 2016 The North East Vizsla Group recently raffled a weeks holiday in a delightful cottage – kindly donated by Tina Wigley. Tickets were sold online and also to friends and family. A magnificent £1430 was raised – all of which Tina wanted to go to Vizsla causes. The money was therefore equally shared (£400) between The HV Welfare Charity, Vizsla Rescue and  Vizslamentes – all of whom work to help vizslas in need. The North East group also donated a further £700 to the Charity – last month – and we are so very grateful for this outstanding support and generosity. Our sincere thanks to you all free_pink_heart_emoji_by_pinkprincessme-d8h2uxf


*2015*  would not be complete without the HUGEST thanks to everybody’s best boy and hero Otty Barrett – whose legacy will live forever. Otty did so much to raise awareness of a breed specific health problem – Vizsla Inflammatory Polymyopathy. But even more than that Otty’s mum – the amazing  Lucy Barrett has now raised over £100K for very many charities and organisations that work so incredibly hard to help vizslas in need – all over the world. Thank you dear Lucy – and your fellow and awesome London and Surrey Viz Whizzers. And here is Otty’s lovely Village Vets contribution to the ongoing genetic research – £55 for a Christmas Jumper Day


Sophie Burden and fellow Kent Viz Whizz members arranged 2 raffles of gifts including donations from Dog Collar Design, Helga Root and Happy Dog. A total of £290 was raised for the Charity and we would like to give huge thanks for this generous donation and continuing support. Here are some pics of the raffle prizes – and also some of the Viz Whizz in action ( what a lovely locale!)


December 2015 – our very grateful thanks go to the West Midlands Group who ran a hugely successful Christmas Viz Whizz –   A whopping 53 vizslas attended with their owners – who generously bought home made cakes, festive dog treats and raffle tickets-  raising an amazing £786 for Welfare.

west midlands1

November 2015 Many thanks to the South Warwickshire Viz Whizz for their kind donation of £30. Here is their news and 2 lovely pics

An added bonus of being owned by a Vizsla is meeting up with other gingerholics for a Viz Whizz. The South Warwickshire branch, (sometimes known as The Brandon Woods Viz Whizz) run by Claire Bennett, is a relatively new branch and in November we proudly collected £30 for Vizsla Welfare. A very enjoyable walk was had by all, a chance to make new friends, catch up with old ones  and contribute to a very worthy cause.

South Warks1
South Warks2

November 2015  Many thanks to Kelly Robinson whose fundraising venture ran a stall selling advent calendars, bandanas and  lots of tasty doggy treats. This raised  a whopping £100 which will be split between Cyprus Vizsla Rescue and the Polymyositis Research Fund.


November 2015 Massive thanks as always to our stalwart viz whizzers for their magnificent fund raising efforts. This month online auctions

  • London and Surrey –  £3000
  • North West – £2800

Amazing – thank you so much …. to the donors, bidders and organisers – the Charity could not continue its work without the vizsla community’s generosity free_pink_heart_emoji_by_pinkprincessme-d8h2uxf

November 2015 Claire Millar is a wonderful supporter of the charity and raises funds by sponsorship of her marathon running. She has her special welfare boy Scooby to help with training  – along with little viz bro Woody. Claire has already raised £ 550 for the Charity by running the Cardiff half marathon and now her sights are set on the 2016 London Marathon. You can help them raise money for Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity too by donating via Claire’s Virgin Money fundraising page




October 2015  Otty Barrett died on 10th October after a long battle with Vizsla Polymyositis. In his memory his many friends in the vizsla community donated to help with the research in to this distressing condition. In the few days after Otty’s passing the magnificent sum of £1307 was raised and passed to the Charity’s bank account. On Sunday 18th October a London & Surrey Viz Whizz went ahead as planned – and a further £175 was raised. The  Charity is so grateful for the continuing support of Otty’s Friends – thank you all so very much

Otty’s Page


October 2015 The Hungarian Vizsla Club is a staunch supporter of the Charity’s work and always uses its events to help with fundraising. We  are very grateful indeed for the following recent donations:

Hungarian Vizsla Champ Show 4th October – Raffle – £188, Cafe – £140, Mosaic Raffle – £390

Hungarian Vizsla Working Test – 20th September  – Raffle £96, Cake sale – £24.30

HVC Best in Show line up
HVC Best in Show line up
HVC Working Test Award
HVC Working Test Award

September 2015 – A hugely successful UK Viz Whizz was held in Devon – and was attended by many people from all over the country. A generous donation of £110 was made to the Charity – and we would like to express our appreciation of this – thank you !

UK Viz Whizz 1
UK Viz Whizz 2

August 2015 Vicky Leach is a wonderful supporter of the charity and her brave Hubbie Mark will doing the Great North Run in September, and then the Dublin Marathon in October. Vizslas Lola and Spice are helping with the ‘training’ runs and making sure Mark is kept on track. All funds raised will be split between Welfare and the Polymyositis Research fund.. You can help them raise money for Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity too by donating via Vicky’s fundraising page

Mark finished both Marathons in great time and so he & Vicky raised the huge sum of £570 in sponsorship. Well done both of you and the Charity is so grateful for your generosity

gnr mark
gnr mark ready to leave

July 2015 Many thanks to Steve and Lindsay Sielski (North West Viz Wizz members), who donated the proceeds of their Ebay  auction of their USAF Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron Genuine Flight Suit.

A fabulous £670 was the winning bid and after fees and postage to the lucky winner in Japan, a Nett haul of £620 has been paid into the HV Welfare bank and will be split between Welfare and the Polymyositis Fund. The Charity would like to say a massive thank you to Steve and Lindsey, from all the Trustees, and especially for all the Vizslas that will be helped because of their huge generosity.

Pilot Suit3
Pilot Suit2
Pilot Suit

The USAF Thunderbirds aerobatic team took to the skies for a special flying display at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) show in Fairford, England to celebrate the shows 60th Anniversary in 2007. As staff at the airshow (domestic fire crew) Steve swapped his fire-kit for Number 4 slot position Maj. Scott Poteet, The pics show Steve and a fellow fire fighter with the Thunderbirds pilots to confirm that the suit is genuine

The Matterhorn !!! 150 years ago today a group of British climbers made the first summit of the Matterhorn. Next month  one of our best and bravest (or maddest!) Welfare Charity supporters Nicola Carr,   will attempt it for Alzheimer Research UK @ARUKnews and for the  Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity.  Two great causes I am sure you will agree.  Last Year Nicola and her team climbed Mont Blanc and about 20 other peaks for us, and the year before did the Welsh Mountains  – read more

A truly amazing young lady and deserves our support again this year. here is the fundraiser page

nicola 1
nicola 2

July 2015 Huge thanks to our supporters that are leading lights in the  increasingly popular sport of Vizsla Agility 9 human and 14 ginger members of the UK HV & HWV Agility League (aka Team Ginger) spent the weekend doing agility demos at the East of England Just Dogs Live Show. The Team decided to donate our expenses to Welfare, raising £200.

One of our Team, Ava was a rescue and she did a great job not only demonstrating ginger agility, but also guarding our Pimms and cake!!!!!

A further £117 profit from the Companion Dog Show was also donated to the Charity. Many thanks to Shelley Heading for her hard work and organising skills


EoE 1
EoE 2

May 2015 The Charity would like to place on record its gratitude to Viz Whizz people all over the UK for their recent huge generosity. Special thanks to

  • North West Viz Whizz Auction – £2500 – March 2015
  • East of England – £213 – April 2015
  • London & Surrey Auction – £2000 – April 2015
  • Scottish Mega Viz Whizz – £1900 – May 2015

Our work could not continue without this level of help and support – thank you so much to everybody involved

March 2015 As some of you will have seen, Rosemary Frost’s beloved husband of 41 years passed away peacefully a few days ago. Graham was such a huge part of the Vizsla community, and such a loyal supporter of the London and Surrey group, coming along to whizzes and other events even when his health was poor. Those who knew him will all miss him greatly, and we are so grateful we got to know him and giggle together.

I know we will also all be thinking of our friend Rosemary, also a Trustee of our Charity, who has suffered such losses and heartache recently, and wishing we could help to heal her heart. With love and huge hugs to Rosemary – RIP now dear Graham – look after Feri and Rosemary’s mum for her.

Rosemary has set a Virgin Money giving site for Graham, so if you would prefer to donate rather than send flowers, you can follow the link and do so to either HVWC or Cancer Research –

the Charity would like to express its gratitude for the Virgin Money donation of £850 – thank you dear Graham

Flash Auction 6th January 2015

A great supporter of  the Charity won a fabulous Fortnum and Mason hamper as a competition prize so what did she do ? Donated it for an online flash raffle ! amazing generosity for which we are very grateful.  Lots of interest with Jenny Kemp finally producing the highest bid of  £120. Enjoy it Jenny – and thanks again to the donor for this welcome contribution to welfare funds.

list of contents

Sponsored Walk

December … the East of England Viz Whizz  Group did a sponsored walk  – and sold cakes – to raise £392.67 ! The money will be divided between Welfare and the PM fund. Huge thanks – to another very generous Viz Whizz group – the Charity is so grateful for your help

.. in the second pic – loving the attention seeker at the front (there’s always one )

eoe 1


the truly awe inspiring London and Surrey Viz Whizz had a very successful Christmas auction and as usual helped several deserving vizsla groups all over the world. The Charity is very grateful for its donations of £750 each to the the welfare and PM funds. Thank you very much you amazing L&S stalwarts – and also  the sponsors and everybody who took part   


Christmas Raffle

the raffle raised £ 220! And a collection on the day of a further £211  – to be split equally between welfare and Cyprus rescue. NW Viz Wizzers – huge thanks – you are all amazing !!

To pay by Paypal to or pm me for bank details. I will then send you a message with your ticket numbers. if we are not facebook friends then please email me on
Proceeds of the Raffle are for the POLYMYOSITIS RESEARCH FUND

(click on image to get a better view of all the hamper goodies – a great prize!)

Ginger Key Round
Black Rectangle

Paul Shovelton’s Sky Dive

One VERY brave man. Hope we get a video ! £575 already – and more pledged (to be divided between Cyprus Rescue and the Polymyositis Fund) – Great stuff !

Paul’s sky Dive raises £840

This money will be split between the Polymyositis Fund and Cyprus Vizsla Rescue. Thank you Paul !

paul 1
October 2014 – Alfie’s fancy dress

Well done to Alfie Rackett – whose fancy dress at Gundog Society of Wales raised many smiles and lots of money for worthy dog causes. Lovely to see everybody’s amusement! The Charity says thank you very much for our donation of £233.34

Rick’s GNR raised £820.75 for the Polymyositis Fund ! Well done and thank you Paul  !

This will be a page to announce future fundraising events. First off is Rick Kilvington’s Great North Run – on Sunday 7th September 2014. To help go to the donations page – and don’t forget to say GNR in the Paypal reference box

Good luck Rick !!

Hi all, just as way of an introduction I am a serving soldier who is doing the great north run a week today, rather than do it for one of the many (but important) military charities I thought I would do something different. To that end I will be running for if you don’t already know they do great work not only rescuing gingers but also supporting and raising money for polymyositis, as I am sure most of you are aware this is a terrible condition that can effect our breed.
Now whilst he clearly won’t be allowed on the day my 18 month old vizsla Bruce (pictured) who is my running partner, constant shadow and best friend in the world he will as always be by my side through all the training runs!

I’m sure you can see where I am heading with this, I would love it any of you kind people could offer me some sponsorship no matter how big or small.
Now I thought that I would be able to set up a just giving page and request donations through that but unbelievably the charity has to pay over £200 to register and then they take a slice! This is only a small charity so this isn’t an option. To that end can I please request that anyone kind enough to donate goes to the website listed and then click on the donate button which will take you to a page that you can either pay by PayPal of debit/credit card, I have donated myself to get the ball rolling and it’s an easy process.
Finally thank you Admin for accepting me to the group! I hope nobody is offended by me using the group for my plea for donations and thank you in advance to anyone who donates.
Once completed I will let the group how much was raised.

Rick and Bruce.