Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity

Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity
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Adopting a Hungarian Vizsla from Welfare can bring different challenges (but also special rewards) when compared to obtaining a young dog from a breeder. The dogs may well take time to adjust to their new home, and often will need basic training, sometimes house training, as you would a puppy.

These rescue dogs are very special, which is why we take such care to match the needs of the dog as closely as possible to the ideal and forever home. If you wish to be considered for one of our Vizslas, we need as much information about you and your circumstances as possible. Almost always we will give priority to applicants that have current or past experience of the Vizsla – or at least of other HPR breeds.

If you have thought about it carefully and are certain that you understand what is involved and would like to proceed, then the Charity would very much like to hear from you. Please read our pre-adoption process and then complete this online application.

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Vizsla matching

Due to the nature of rehoming we manage dog's with a wide range of needs. Please indicate what kind of Vizsla you are looking for.


Supporting us

There are several ways you can support the charity, and not just by adopting or fostering a Vizsla.