ALBIE – male, 22mths, intact (currently has supralorin implant)

Albie is an energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, and sociable boy who needs a very strong, confident, and experienced owner. He comes across initially as being quite strong-willed, but when given firm boundaries and clear instructions, he is actually quite happy being told what to do. He is a galloping big fun bag with masses of training potential. He seeks out eye contact, he checks in with his handler, he loves working, he is a super fast learner, and he clearly wants to please. Outdoors he gets on well with people, he loves other dogs and he is not reactive at all, either on or off lead. His doggy manners and social skills are excellent, and he is very tolerant of other dogs whose greeting manners aren’t as quite good as his own.

Some sort of a ‘job’ for Albie to do is a must. He would excel at agility, obedience, canicross, bikejor, or even actual gundog work. Something where he will be given the opportunity to exercise his mind as well as his body, as he is constantly desperate to learn and will not be fulfilled just going out for basic walks, no matter how long they are. If he isn’t given a job he will almost certainly become ‘self employed’, so he definitely needs something to do that will keep him busy and out of trouble. 

Albie is clean indoors, and he sleeps in a crate. He is currently fed a mixture of raw, home cooked, and good quality kibble, which seems to suit him really well. He has a huge appetite and needs to be fed at least twice a day, as he is obviously still growing! He travels well in a crate, and is a calm quiet passenger, even on long car journeys. He is currently several months into a Supralorin implant, and as soon as that wears off he should be neutered. He has no health issues. 

Okay, so that’s all his good points, now for the not-so-good ones. Read on carefully…

Albie is a larger sized Vizsla – at least 30kg and still growing. He is tall and broad shouldered, with a wide head and a thick neck, and he is extremely lean and strong. He is a LOT of dog to handle! 

Albie came to us with extensive descriptions of snarling and snapping at his previous owners while resource guarding food, bowls, treats, toys, his bed, his crate, his place on the sofa, as well as any other random objects he could get his paws on. He has a bite history, basically because his previous owners accidentally reinforced his unacceptable behaviour and allowed it to escalate unchecked until he simply became too big and too dangerous for them to live with any more.

His owners loved him very much, and took good care of him, but he was just far too much dog for them. They optimistically hoped he would grow up and magically grow out of his boisterous bad manners, which of course was never going to happen without a lot of clear firm boundaries and dedicated training input. He is a prize example of why ‘love and time’ is often not enough, and in his case, it actually made his issues worse. 

When Albie first came to us, he spent three weeks in foster with one of our experienced Welfare Officers, learning new house rules, dog social skills, loose lead walking, off-lead manners, and a solid recall. He then went to stay with one of our trusted behaviourists, and after three more weeks of behavioural re-adjustment combined with lots of training and two long structured walks every day, he is now well on his way to becoming a safer and far more polite boy. We have seen for ourselves his resource-guarding tendencies and his willingness to bite, but we have also seen his ability to learn, and change, and also his keenness to please.


  • Calm, firm, confident owners
  • Clear consistent rules and boundaries
  • No children or visiting children
  • Maybe one well balanced dog
  • No cats or other small furries
  • A large crate for resting and sleeping
  • A good sized secure garden
  • Nearby access to open spaces
  • Lots of structured exercise
  • Lots of ongoing training work
  • A specific job (or jobs) for him to do
  • No ‘poor sweet fur baby’ nonsense


We would love to find Albie a home with active, outdoorsy owners who will be around most of the day and who are keen to continue his training. Interest from dog-sports enthusiasts would be welcomed, and experience of high-drive working breed dogs is a must.

While Albie is very good with other dogs and enjoys their company, we think he might do best as an only dog, just because integrating him into an existing ‘pack’ will require more vigilance than if he were the only dog in the home. If he is rehomed as an only dog, he MUST have regular opportunities to interact with other well balanced dogs in a controlled environment such as structured group walks or training activities. No doggy daycare mosh-pits, please! 

Extensive behavioural assessment has been carried out, and we know that Albie will thrive in a home where he has very clear and consistent rules. Please think realistically about your dog handling skills before applying! And also about your general attitude towards a dog’s place in the home. Albie does NOT need someone who wants to love him and hug him indoors. He needs someone who will have lots of fun and interaction with him while working/training him outdoors, then at home just put him away in his crate and leave him alone to relax.

For the right people, Albie should actually be a relatively easy dog, but he is definitely not for novice owners. Full Welfare backup will be provided, along with ongoing trainer/behaviourist support. We really want Albie’s next move to be his final one!

If you are interested in Albie, please email Welfare Officer Noanie Heffron, or text 07999 020 888 to arrange a telephone chat.

Albie is currently in Dundee, Scotland. He can be rehomed to anywhere in the UK, but prospective adopters will be asked to travel to meet him.