LUGH (pronounced ‘Luke’) – male, 22mths, neutered

Lugh is a friendly, sociable, but strong-willed boy who is looking for a very confident and experienced owner. This lad is a real busybody, a bit of a know-it-all, he has some firm ideas of his own as to his purpose in life, and without very careful leadership and guidance he could easily get himself into trouble!

Some sort of a ‘job’ for him to do is a must. We think he could excel at agility, canicross, or even actual gundog work. Anything where he will be given the opportunity to exercise his mind as well as his body, as he is a very drivey dog and will not be happy just being taken out for basic walks, no matter how long they are.

Lugh has already been passed around several times in his short life, he was nearly PTS at one point, and he came to us with extensive descriptions of snapping at his owners, resource guarding food and objects, and aggression towards other dogs. However once we got him under the wing of a really good trainer, it soon became clear that his issues were mostly due to inexperienced handling combined with a total lack of rules and boundaries, and after several weeks of behavioural re-adjustment combined with three long structured walks every day, he is now a totally different character.

Despite his difficult start in life, Lugh is a happy, friendly lad who gets on well with new people and also with other dogs. He is socially confident, over-confident even, so he needs a strong firm owner who will keep him on the straight-and-narrow and not let him slip back into any rude or bolshy behaviour, which he *will* do if he is given half a chance. He attaches himself to new people very quickly, so prospective adopters will have to be aware of this and take measures to prevent over attachment and separation anxiety developing.

Lugh would love to live with another dog or dogs, as long as they are well behaved and well balanced. He is clean indoors, and he sleeps in a crate. He is currently raw fed, and that seems to suit him much better than the kibble he was previously used to. He is a good traveller, even on long car journeys. He is a small-ish Vizsla (approx 22kg) but he is very fit and strong. He has no health issues, and he is neutered.


  • Calm, firm, confident owners
  • Clear consistent rules and boundaries
  • No children or visiting children
  • A well balanced dog or dogs
  • No cats or other small furries
  • A good sized secure garden
  • Nearby access to open spaces
  • Lots of structured exercise
  • Lots of ongoing training work
  • A specific job (or jobs) for him to do


We would love to find Lugh a home with active, outdoorsy owners who will be around most of the day and who are keen to continue his training. A home with resident dogs would be our preference. Interest from dog-sports enthusiasts would be welcomed, and experience of high-drive working breed dogs is a must. 

Extensive social skills training and behavioural assessment has been carried out, and we know that Lugh will thrive in a home where he has very clear and consistent rules as to what is and isn’t allowed. Please think realistically about your dog handling skills before applying. We feel that for the right owners, Lugh will actually be a relatively easy dog, but he is definitely not for novice owners. Full Welfare backup will be provided, along with ongoing trainer/behaviourist supportThis boy has been passed around too much already and we really want his next move to be his final one.

If you are interested in Lugh, please email Welfare Officer Noanie Heffron, or text 07999 020 888 to arrange a telephone chat.

Lugh is currently in Dundee, Scotland. He can be rehomed to anywhere in the UK, but prospective adopters will be asked to travel to meet him.