Our suggested adoption donation is £400, and larger amounts are always gratefully accepted. Adoption donations can be paid either as a lump sum, or in ten monthly instalments. In the case of very elderly dogs or dogs with ongoing medical conditions we will be happy to accept a smaller donation.

All our dogs go to their new homes with four weeks free insurance (policy must be activated by the adopter). By the time this temporary policy expires the new owners must have an insurance policy of their own in place. This is non-negotiable; all Welfare dogs MUST be insured.

If a dog has an existing medical/health condition that is uninsurable but considered by our vet not to compromise the dog’s quality of life, then (if required), the Charity will cover the ongoing expenses related to that condition for the rest of the dog’s life.

All dogs must be neutered or spayed. If this has not been carried out by the time of adoption, it must be done once the dog has settled in to its new home or, in the case of a puppy or young dog, once maturity has been reached. As a general rule, for a male this would be after 18-24 months of age, for a female this would be three months after their second season. As always each case is treated with regard to the particular circumstances.

Vizsla Welfare will remain in contact with each adopted dog for the whole of its life. A Vizsla Welfare dog must not be sold on, given away, or surrendered to any other rehoming charity. If for any reason the dog has to be rehomed again, it MUST come back to the Charity. (In the event of a dog’s owner passing away, requests from family members to keep and adopt the dog are always viewed very favourably. The less upheaval for a dog, the better, and we are usually happy for Welfare dogs in this sad situation to remain with family members they know and trust.)

Vizsla Welfare will always be on hand for any unforeseen problems that arise with an adopted dog, and we will be happy to guide you through them. We can provide personalised settling in advice, and we have access to a nationwide network of professional trainers and behaviourists we know and trust.

Are you still interested in applying to adopt a Vizsla from us?