We are now open for rehoming requests

After a temporary shut-down period, our rehome request form is now open again. We are still struggling to deal with our current rehoming caseload as well as the ‘waiting list’ of dogs already queued up to come into our care, so effectively what this means is new rehome requests will join our waiting list and one of our Welfare Officers will make contact as soon as they are able – which may be some days or even weeks. 

If you have a genuine emergency situation with your dog, please contact one of our Welfare Officers directly, otherwise please be patient – we will contact you as soon as we can.

We are still urgently seeking applications from experienced adopters and fosterers, and willing volunteers.

We understand that making the decision to surrender a dog will always be very difficult, and we are here to assist you in every way possible.
It may be that we will be able to help you work out a way to keep your Vizsla, but if not, please be assured that we place every dog in a new home that has been carefully selected to suit their particular needs, usually with owners who have previous experience of the breed, and we remain in lifelong contact with each and every Vizsla we rehome.
Please tell us about your Vizsla and one of our experienced welfare officers will make contact with you as soon as possible (as per information above this will not be immediately, you are in effect joining a waiting list and one of our welfare officers will contact you as soon as possible, however this may be several days…) Please fill in a separate form for each dog you are seeking to rehome.
Please note: If your dog has bitten, we will ask you for photographs of the bite wounds. 
All cases of rehoming are dealt with sympathetically, without judgement, and in complete confidence.

About you

About your Vizsla

Reasons for rehoming

Please be truthful here. If your dog has bitten, it doesn't mean we can't help, but we DO need to know.
Please be truthful here. If your dog has medical issues, it doesn't mean we can't help, but we DO need to know.

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