Thank you for your application to adopt a Vizsla. Your form has been received and your details have been added to our database.

What happens next?

You will receive an auto-reply email confirming that your details have been added to our database. As we already mentioned, you may have to wait some time for a prospective dog to come along. If you find another dog in the meantime please let us know so we can remove your application.

Your details will stay on our adoption list for 6 months, then we will contact you and ask you to update your application form. If you update your details, you will remain on our adoption list. If you do not update your details, at this point you will be removed from the list.

The adoption procedure

If you are identified as a potentially suitable adopter, the basic procedure is as follows:

If we think you may be a good fit for one of our dogs, or if we just want to ask you a bit more about the information in your application form, we will get in touch with you to arrange a telephone chat. 

If after chatting with you we still think you may be a good fit for a dog, we will then arrange for a home check to be carried out by a local volunteer. If you already have a dog, your home checker may bring their own dog to meet yours. (We may also carry out a home check by video call…)

If you pass our home check and we still think that you would be a suitable adopter, we will then invite you to meet the dog and us. If you already have a dog we will ask you bring them along to the meet too, so we can see how the dogs get on with each other.

If everything goes well at the meet, we would then invite you to progress with the formal adoption of your new dog.