Please read carefully before filling in our fostering application form!

You must be aware that any Vizsla you take in may come with very little or no background information, or with a variety of minor behavioural issues. Through no fault of their own, some Vizslas surrendered for rehoming do not initially get on well with other dogs, or cats, or are fearful of young children, and also may not be able to cope with being left on their own. 

        You must be able to provide:

  • A calm and stable home environment in which to assess the dog
  • A securely fenced garden or other outdoor exercise area
  • Indoor space to sleep, preferably its own crate and/or dog bed
  • A structured set up with clear and consistent house rules
  • A reasonably set and predictable daily routine
  • Basic training, if necessary (recall, loose lead walking, general obedience)
  • Adequate exercise and mental stimulation
  • Grooming care if required (ear cleaning, toenail trimming etc)
  • Correct feeding (a foster dog may have specific dietary requirements)
  • Regular updates and photos to aid with the rehoming process

        We at Vizsla Welfare will provide:

  • One single point of contact with the charity
  • An experienced Welfare Officer to mentor and advise you
  • Support and advice whenever you need or request it
  • Professional trainer/behaviourist input (if required)
  • Food costs and sundry minor expenses (if required)
  • Veterinary treatment costs (inc flea/worming treatments)
  • Neutering/spaying costs (if required)
  • Any additional needs such as thunder shirts, winter coats etc
  • Third party liability insurance

If after reading this information, you feel that you understand the needs of surrendered Vizslas/Vizsla crosses requiring foster, and you are capable of meeting these needs and providing a safe, secure, and stabilising temporary home for a Vizsla in need, then please complete our foster form now…