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When Arnold came to the Charity he had been much loved by his previous owner but sadly a change in work circumstances meant that Arnold had to be left for longer periods of time than he could cope with. Stuart and Paula – long standing vizsla owners – stepped in to offer short term foster care until a perfect new permanent home could be found. They had recently lost their own beloved 8yo vizsla. Well – of course the fostering plans lasted hardly 24 hours because almost immediately Arnold fitted in so well that the decision was made to rehome him permanently. Now Paula reports on life since

After we sadly lost our 8 year old Vizsla to cancer in July we really had a ginger shaped hole in our hearts and whilst we were looking to find a reputable breeder for a pup in the future also put our names down with Vizsla Welfare for fostering.
Within a week we had a call from Helga about Arnold who needed fostering until a new adoptive home could be found and he arrived with us the following day. Having been moved around recently he was a little unsettled at first, barking at every noise but very quickly got used to our routine and within days we realised that we did not want him to be moved on again as he fitted into our lifestyle so well.
So we contacted Helga about the possibility of us adopting him and he is still with us.
8 weeks later he is just such a star, he’s super cuddly with humans, but loves other dogs too and he’s had doggy company for a lot of the time when family and friends have taken holidays.
He is far more confident now, enjoying his walks in the New Forest and we are now able to leave him, building up the length of time we are away without him getting too stressed. His biggest test was last week when we had a pre-arranged holiday and he stayed with one of his new doggy mates for the week. He settled in very quickly and they were sad when it was time for him to leave.
He really was the right dog at the right time for us and has helped repair the hole in our hearts. Helga and the team of volunteers do a great job in the charity ensuring a good match for new homes for these vizslas in need.

The Charity would like to offer its heartfelt thanks to Paula and Stuart for providing Arnold with such a perfect forever home.


*(Arnold has now been rehomed – scroll down to read more of his very happy story)*
Arnold is a lovely, well mannered and socialised 8 yr old , he is not chipped or castrated. His owner has loved and cared for him until a change of work circumstances- (use to go to work with him now can no longer) and so Arnold needs a new home, although it will break his owners heart, he knows that a home where someone is around a lot will make Arnold happy again.
Some details about Arnold.
He’s just turned eight years of age now. He’s not chipped or castrated. He’s had no Health issues. He’s great with children and other dogs. He’s great off the lead over the fields and park but has no road sense so needs to be on a lead on the paths. He comes when he’s called and is generally very obedient. He’s not at all destructive and is very loving. He has no dietary issues, he eats anything.
A few little bad points are that he doesn’t like being left on his own for too long. He will whine and bark if he’s left for any length of time. He needs a firm hand on the lead. He pulls a lot so needs a strong arm or will need to use something like a Gencon, or a Gentle leader, or put in the time to train him to walk nicely.

Supporting us

There are several ways you can support the charity, and not just by adopting or fostering a Vizsla.