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(Age approx 8yrs in 2011) – Sue Millson’s much loved welfare boy

As the Welfare Officer I received a phone call from someone in Scotland who had noticed this dog being advertised in a local “Free Paper” ( not unusual these days) and sadly there are so many now we cannot go after all of them. I was directed to a website picture and the poor dog looked miserable, sad eyed and not the sparkle you expect to see when you look into a Vizsla eye.

I phoned the contact number and spoke to the owner – who told me he was in entire but only one testicle –but could be used at stud if I wanted!!!!!. I was horrified of course and agreed there and then to take him.

It took a while to sort out how to bring him down to Kent – ( if it was now with the super relay system we have because of kind folk he would have been down virtually overnight) however this was not the case –and I had another phone call to say he was back being advertised again. I was desperate –and spoke to the owner to say take him off the web site we would collect him within two days. I spoke to Claire re the situation and she kindly sent her PA up on the train to pick him up. So that was how he came down to us.

I had a foster home ready for him and he went straight to Tim –who has a mother and daughter of ours and he and his family are always ready to help. Tim phoned me that evening after picking him up to say – he was in dreadful shape. Lumps all over him, ears that were grossly infected, all four feet had sores between the pads and both eyes had infection. Also a very runny tummy. No wonder he looked miserable in the picture –also he was grossly underweight.

Tim took him to his vet the next day –and started him on various medications –but he needed surgery so after a week or so I picked him up from Tim’s and took him to our Welfare vet. All vets involved both Tim’s and ours were of the same opinion that his ear infections had been there years –so the poor lad must have been in an awful lot of pain- but what a wonderful temperament –would let you do anything to him – which was just as well for the next 18mths –his ears were a problem and needed constant cleaning –but never once did he complain.

There was one large lump on his side that was of a suspicious nature –so when strong enough to have an anaesthetic –he had it removed on the understanding if it was malignant he was not to be woken up to struggle yet again. I freely admit I cried in the car on the way home –as he had already stolen my heart and I wanted him to have at least awhile being happy and cared for and loved. All was good when the vet phoned later, it was benign. So now started the long road to getting him back fit.
By now my 4 bitches thought him a wonderful addition to the family –but I told them it was only till he was fit to rehome!!!!! They knew more than me!!!!

Due to his lack of treatment over the years –his hearing has been damaged and his sight was not good – now nearly 3 years on he is still with me- well I thought who would want a deaf/ going blind dog (that’s my excuse anyway)

He is now almost totally blind (can see shadows during bright days) but not after dusk and is very,very deaf – but loves his food was 15kilos when we got him and now weighs 30kilos has to have a special diet as he has bowel & skin problems as well!!! –but he is not fat but, a big male. I think most of his systems of his body are immune compromised –but he is such a happy chap –wags his tail all the time –and when I had a litter of pups – he could not see them properly – yet he still played with them and acted like the big Uncle.

Age is catching up with him now and his time is short – but I like to think he has had everything he has missed out on in his life before I got him. He is still enjoying pottering around and meeting and greeting anyone who comes to the bungalow and loves his food and instinctively knows when a treat is on offer. He has been and is, a real pleasure to have around- someone missed out on having a very special dog –if only they had cared for him. During the hot weather we have had –he loves cooling down with an ice lolly ( I know its not really good for him –but he loves them)


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