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Flynn is a much loved 3.5yo neutered boy that has been with his current owners since a pup. He is healthy energetic and full of fun. In the house Flynn is a typical vizsla – affectionate and loving and adored by the family’s boys aged 10 and 16.

He can be vocal at times especially in the garden and in a stationary car – where he does tend to bark at passers by constantly.

Flynn walks really well with a Halti when there are no distractions. When meeting only humans on a walk he barks and takes some handling as he’s very excitable – but he isn’t aggressive

Flynn’s problem is reactivity with unknown dogs -though he can have a great time playing and running free with old friends The problem began about a year ago and has been getting worse ever since. Flynn will get very stressed and excitable and will lunge at another dog if given the chance.

The owner has now been caught up twice whilst attempting to intervene in an ensuing skirmish – once at their garden gate and on another occasion when a dog was running free and wouldn’t leave Flynn alone. On neither of these occasions did the other dog behave aggressively in any way

Because of his unpredictability Flynn is now always on a lead when out walking and his owner knows that her nervousness is probably being communicated to Flynn. Walking is no longer a pleasure – and Flynn is not really getting the exercise that he needs.

The family have other problems too and have now made the very painful decision that for his own sake Flynn needs a new owner with the time and expertise to spend on him. He is such a wonderful character – he really deserves to have a chance of a brilliant life with the right person.

The special person that the Charity is now looking for will have previous vizsla experience and the time and patience to desensitise and socialise Flynn – and to slowly teach him that other dogs can be ok. A country home with opportunities for off lead exercise without meeting other dogs would seem ideal – and hopefully in the right hands Flynn could start to forget his present issues.

great news!

After much soul searching Flynn will be staying with his own family ! The charity had found a lovely person that might possibly have been interested in rehoming this boy but as the time drew closer to arrangements being put in place for all parties to meet – and confronting the reality of being parted – Flynn’s family realised that they simply could not bear the thought of losing their beloved boy. They have spent many hours over the past week agonising anew over what to do for the best and especially for Flynn – and now all are agreed that they must pull together as a team to help Flynn overcome his anxieties. The plan is to seek guidance from a great local APDT trainer – who hopefully will be able to teach the family how to help Flynn with his behaviour difficulties. There will not be an easy fix for his problems – but with time and this kind of motivation and determination from all concerned – the charity is convinced that this is the happiest solution for Flynn

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