Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity

Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity
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Isla was 18 months old when she came in to welfare from a family with two young children. She was well trained by the husband- who was in the military. However when he got a new job requiring more travelling it was no longer possible to give Isla the time and attention that she needed and so she was handed over to Welfare for rehoming

Isla is adored by her new family and has settled in beautifully.

She is a Hungarian import – and in the pics with 2 dogs she is the one with a lighter coat. She has made great friends with her new ginger sister – Amber – who is 5.5 years old

Update from Isla’s new family

“We were delighted to welcome Isla into our family after thinking about rescuing for a couple of years. And now thanks to the charity and Helga Root finding us the perfect match, Its wonderful to watch her playing with our 5 year old Amber, and to see that she has settled in so well. As you can see from the pictures they get on fantastically well together and have done since day one which is so pleasing for us. We thought we liked having a Vizsla before but we absolutely love having two of them!

Isla is a fantastic dog and wonderful companion to us all. Thank you so much HVWC for helping us find our little ginger friend.”

Supporting us

There are several ways you can support the charity, and not just by adopting or fostering a Vizsla.