Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity

Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity
Helping vizsla enjoy a better life


Kepa has been with me since he had just turned two years old.

When he arrived home I put his bedding into a crate I had ready for him as I thought he would like his own little space to settle in , I put treats in to encourage him but wasn’t particularly interested – what did next gave me an insight to his character, he took his bedding out of the crate put it on the sofa next to it and sat on it , as if to say this is where I want to sleep !

It wasn’t long before he and my 3 year vizsla bitch mishka decided it was time to play- chasing boxing and tugging toys in and out of the house soon the garden looked like a mud pit.
Training started almost immediately as he didn’t seem to know any basic commands such as sit heel down and also pulled like a train on the lead. I also started whistle training for distance work which he took to very well.
I started taking to the obedience and ringcraft classes that mishka already attended to socialise him as much as possible as he was very wary of people ( especially men) and other dogs. He’s a quick learner and is enjoying these classes

Towards the end of the year he lost some weight so I took him to the vets for a check but the vet wasn’t worried said it was probably due to change of circumstance and all the good exercise he was getting ( he knows I spend a lot of time out with them) He was otherwise in good health, had gained some good muscular development in his shoulders chest and thighs.

I have recently begun working on retrieving a dummy with him which he is pretty good at – it’s just the letting go he’s not so keen on as he sees it as an opportunity for a game of tug ! Always up for fun as everything is a game !

At the beginning of the year we started pre agility training which he thoroughly enjoys.
Kepa has come along way in the few months he has been with us , so full of affection and always up for a games and wanting to learn but also able to chill out and fill up a whole sofa by himself

Supporting us

There are several ways you can support the charity, and not just by adopting or fostering a Vizsla.