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This page is about the surgery that Meno had as a pup – to correct a congenital deformity of one of his front legs.

Meno was born with a deformed front right leg, in that the Ulna had not formed properly and the bones became fused at right angles. In all other respects he is a very healthy, wonderful puppy and he came into our care for rehoming from his breeder, Daniel, as he felt the Charity had a much better network of the experienced owners that would be able to provide Meno with the right kind of forever home. We were delighted to be able to help and the Charity has indeed found him a wonderful home. .

After a lot of discussions with his Vets, referrals, Xrays scans and MRI’s it was agreed that given his youth, health and amazing temperament, rather than simply amputating the leg, it was worth trying to save it and for Meno to have a functioning limb. We all know that dogs can do very well on three legs so amputation would have been some sort of success. But after several consults with orthopaedic surgeons it was decided to try to save the leg. However, we do not want anyone to donate and then be disappointed if this fails, so please do be aware that even if the surgery goes well, it may well be biology conspires against us in other ways (like the tendons and/or nerves causing problems) in which case, amputation may still take place. I just want to make sure we all realise that there is no ‘guarantee’ or a ‘miracle’ cure, but there is a decent chance. I thought you would like to see what the lovely lady Vet said:

Puppy, congenitally deformed leg.
It’s scientifically possible to grow and straighten the leg but unfortunately we may fail. Collectively we feel it is morally right to proceed but if in the first several weeks it’s deemed that the leg is not saveable, full limb amputation will occur.

This will involve Meno going in for his Pre-Ops tomorrow and then surgery on Wednesday 22nd October. This will involve straightening and then fitting external fixators to gradually lengthen the leg and make the bone grow, over a period of weeks with Physio and hydrotherapy and lots and lots of cuddles and TLC from his care team.

We have to raise £8000 to give Meno this chance, and I know the HUGE HEARTS of the Vizsla Community will want to help.

Meno’s surgery took place on Friday 24th October. His foot has been straightened and external scaffolding fitted to help lengthen the leg. So it’s all about his rehab now and whether biology will work with him to grow the tendons and nerves etc.

Update 7 November 2014
Tonight we had to face the fact that Meno’s tendons were not growing even though the orthopaedic side of the surgery was satisfactory and that the valiant attempt to make his leg into a functioning limb has sadly not been successful. So this evening his dedicated surgeon performed a scapular amputation of the leg (up to the shoulder) and Meno is sleeping peacefully. David will give us a further update tomorrow when the overnight care staff call him.

We all knew that this was a possible problem if biology conspired against little Meno and the tendons and nerves did not stretch etc but at least you all made it possible for him to have the chance to try to save his leg. David, and the Charity want to give you heartfelt thanks for the magnificent support you have all shown.

Now we will soon see Meno start to heal and I am sure he will, like the little warrior he is, soon be racing around on his three legs. With luck he will be home in a few days with his family, human and Ginger, David , and Said and big Sis Bella.

Once again the Vizsla community has astounded us with its huge commitment and heart to try to help one little boy. We salute you all, and the surgeon and care staff who all did their very best and are just as disappointed for him.

Update 11th November –
Meno looking very happy leaving Hospital ! More pictures and updates expected soon

Update 17th November –
Dad David reports – Meno is doing so well, it great to watch how he ‘invents’ new ways to do things ,skips down stairs , walks on back legs like a bear , rolls like a seal , But my Favorite is still gentle breathing in my face to wake me for a toilet run

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