Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity

Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity
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Odie’s owner’s circumstances changed and she had to leave him daily for 8 hrs as her partner had formerly looked after him in the day but that was now no longer possible. As time passed and although Odie was really good and not destructive, his behaviour began to change. He was clearly not happy being left for so long. So although he was really very loved his owner was brave and kind enough to know that she owed it to him to let us find him a home where he would not be left so long and where his Agility skills could continue, as he was really rather good at it. He is also the most obedient Vizsla I have ever met (says Helga) – and a great credit to his owner. Thanks to the great network we have on the Vizsla Facebook groups it was possible to find him a home that was an active Agility home, and his new owners are also retired so he is rarely alone for long. Plus he now has a super sister Saffie – and they got on well from the first walk they had together. Odie was so good in the Agility class that he was moved up two classes, good boy! And his new family human, and Ginger totally adore him. He is a very very happy boy now and we have to thank his owner for letting us help her, and him, despite her heart break she knew this was right for him.

Odie is adored by his new family – such a heartwarming story

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There are several ways you can support the charity, and not just by adopting or fostering a Vizsla.