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Olly was loved by his original owners but when their family business took a downturn the husband had to work all hours to try to recover it. There was no time to give Olly the attention he needed and so it was decided that rehoming would be in his best interests. At only 18 months old Olly was a big boy but handsome and very gentle natured and he fitted exactly in to the needs of a lovely retired couple whose Vizsla had recently died and who had acres of their own land by a reservoir. Such a lucky boy!

owners story

1st Night & Day
We are getting on fine with Ollie. He was OK overnight – having tried every chair in the house (he can open ANY door without a lock!), he opted to sleep on the sofa. He is less excited today, occasionally permitting himself the odd snooze, and when walking today has not pulled at all, except when close to other dogs. There has been no whining or crying, and absolutely no mess or damage. I have let him off the lead briefly in our field, but the concept of coming back when called clearly needs more work! He has also travelled happily in the back of my car. I am sure he is going to be a delight.

1st week
Olly continues to settle in and is getting to know all his new surroundings. He is very familiar with the garden now, and loves to race around. The pheasant population is now a good deal more alert! He also knows the local footpaths and lanes, and loves jumping in the car to explore new walks a little further away. In areas that are quiet I can let him off the lead, which of course he loves. This afternoon he was racing around Snailsden Moor like a steeplechaser. Such energy! As he gets better at coming back when called, we will no doubt progress to him being off the lead most of the time, but he still gets a little excited (and then deaf, like little kids) when there are a lot of other dogs/people/children around.
He is eating well and settles down happily at night. He has chosen to sleep in the large, soft dog bed used by our previous Vizsla.
He has already met Rhona and Nick (must have spent 10 minutes sniffing Rhona’s clothes and shoes – don’t vets meet lots of things that interest dogs!) Soon I’ll take him to meet their dogs, and our other daughter, family and dogs, so we’ll see which he likes best from Gordon Setter, German Wirehaired Pointer, Chocolate Labrador, and Labradoodle. My money is on the Pointer, which is just as big, energetic and friendly as Olly.

October 2014
Just another brief update and a couple of pictures.
Olly continues to do very well – he has really settled in, knows every inch of the house and garden, and is happy and relaxed. Needless to say, he will go for a walk ANYwhere at Any time. If I make a move in the direction of the door or the car, he’ll be there first! Like anyone else, he prefers bright and sunny days, but this morning at 7am he was quite happy to step out into torrential rain and stormy winds. There were so many branches blown down from trees that he was spoilt for choice in sticks to pick up.

He has also been for a couple of longer trips in the car now (1 to 2 hrs), without any problem. When there is nothing much to interest him, he snoozes, but at the first whiff of agricultural smell he is immediately on his feet, looking and sniffing for the source. I have noticed that I can fairly easily persuade him to walk past horse and cow poo, but sheep droppings will be eaten if he can possibly manage it.

We visited our younger daughter and family on Sunday and Olly met Vicki and Guy, and our grandchildren Maddy and Joe, whom he loved. Joe (10), armed with a box of small treats, had Olly going through his whole repertoire of sit, down, stay, like a professional. Olly then met their dogs Moss, a Chocolate Lab, and Hazel, a min Labradoodle just a little younger than Olly. Olly and Hazel then had an hour of hurtling round the house and garden playing with each other till everyone was exhausted (not least the adults!).

Back in our own garden, Olly met one of our regular hedgehog visitors. He just sniffed at it with interest then left it unmolested – it didn’t even curl up into a ball. He regards our garden pond as his own personal water dish. This is fine as his presence helps deter herons, which like eating my fish. He loves it when anyone comes to visit us, and is getting good at not jumping up on people.

Altogether a great couple of weeks. Olly is the birthday boy on the 11th, and will get something particularly tasty to eat. He can smell it cooking this evening and is watching closely!

January 2015

Olly goes from strength to strength. Attached are a few pics of him enjoying

the snow after Christmas. He came with us to Norfolk for 3 days over the New

Year, staying in a nice dog-friendly hotel in Hunstanton, where we all had a

great time. Olly also liked the beaches.

Supporting us

There are several ways you can support the charity, and not just by adopting or fostering a Vizsla.