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When Paddy came in to Welfare it was as a young lad with a lot of behavioural problems. His new owners worked very hard to help Paddy through his various issues and now have a loving and well adjusted boy. Here is their lovely account

Paddy’s travels

I’ve settled into my new home well. I say new, but I’ve been here six years now. I’ve learnt how to behave and don’t get into trouble any more. And life has been very exciting.

I get lots of long walks through the fields and the local woods, especially now that my owners have stopped work. I like chasing squirrels in the woods, but I don’t think I would want to catch one really. Chasing is fun and good exercise. .

I’ve visited the mountains of northern Italy several times now. I like travelling in the car and we always stop at the same hotel in Germany to break up the journey. Norbert, the hotel manager always gives us a room on the ground floor when we stay. And the local restaurants don’t mind if I go in too, providing I behave myself and sit under the table and don’t trip the waiters up.

The fields and the mountains in Italy have so many strange smells I don’t know which one to follow next. We often go on long walks there are long narrow foot paths and dried out river beds, where it can get very warm on sunny days, but the scenery is always amazing. I have a very nice lady vet there who stamps up my passport before I return home.

From mountains to soft green hills was my next jaunt as I crossed the Irish Sea to the emerald isle .Good job I have a short coat because you would never believe, it rained every day. We did the Wild Atlantic Way route and climbed Croag Patrick with all the pilgrims. The ground was covered with loose scree towards the top but my dainty feet and agility saw me up quicker than the two I was with.

I was wondering where we would go next when a motorhome appeared on the drive of the house, I was about to find out. The motorhome was to be my home for the next three months. The day of departure arrived and off we went to Portsmouth for the ferry to France. Down we went through France to the Pyrenees and into Spain. I thought Spain was supposed to be hot, it was not and as we left Pamplona the snow started to fall. We had to come off the main road and settle in a small town where the locals were very nice to us. The cold lasted a few days, but we were snug in the motorhome with the heating on. As we headed down to towards Madrid the weather got warmer. We spent Easter week in Madrid and were there for all the celebrations lots of pointed hats that covered peoples’ face with slits for the eyes to see through, lots of drumming sounds and the pavements were packed with people watching the slow moving processions. I did get a little bored. I was very brave though amidst all these people and stayed close to the grownups. So many strangers said lovely things about me so many compliments. My mum and dad were very proud. One old man spent ages splitting sunflower seeds between his teeth for me. The seeds were so tiny I could barely taste them.

We then started to see hill top towns, olive and then orange trees everywhere and lots of places to lie in the warm sun and then as the Sierra Nevada mountains rose into the sky it got chilly again. and we were snug in our home on wheels. Onwards we went travelling south the trees bloomed with lots of blossom and the sun became a daily occurrence.

As always the Charity would like to place on record our appreciation of the many wonderful adopters that give these dogs a new chance in life

Supporting us

There are several ways you can support the charity, and not just by adopting or fostering a Vizsla.