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Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity
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Ellie (was Beth)

The Charity was asked to rehome Betti – a young vizsla of around 9/10 months of age. Although her living circumstances had not been ideal – she came in to our care as a very sweet and uncomplicated little girl who was quickly matched to her new family. It has proven to be a match in heaven and happy new owner Linda writes :

We had been registered about 6 months with Hungarian Vizsla Welfare before we got a call from Helga saying we think we have found the perfect dog for you!
A week later when we met Betti, a wee scrap of a girl only 11 months old she seemed to bond very quickly with our 5 year old nervous boy! He seemed to like the way she bossed him around and that nothing phased her! She won our hearts too and off we went home!
Now called Ellie and five weeks later she has taken over the house and settled in very nicely! She can’t bear to be without Oscar and they play endlessly at home and outdoors, a delight to watch! For a dog that has not had much in her young life, no proper home, no training, no structure and no love she is adapting well, especially to the regular food and lots of cuddles! She is such a sweet girl who loves curling up on you or next to you, makes the strangest little grunting noises, doesn’t stop eating, loves bouncing down the room like a lamb and leaping on top of Oscar and her special patrol position at the window!
We are so happy she found us and that we have been able to rehome a dog that needed it, its such a satisfying feeling and we hope now that we can give her a very happy life forever. And they were right….. Helga did find us the perfect dog!

Linda X

Supporting us

There are several ways you can support the charity, and not just by adopting or fostering a Vizsla.