Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity

Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity
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Rez joined our family on 5th November 2016, aged 6 months, not the best day of the year to enter a new home with 3 strangers, a big bro and fireworks going off all around, but what a little star he was.

Instant friends from the off Bix showed Rez around the house, they ate each others dinner, stole each others toys and totally ignored the bangs outside. Exhausted from a mad 2 hours of tearing about and exploring the garden Rez plonked himself down in the lounge and made himself right at home, and thats how its been ever since.

We are amazed at how they have both adjusted to each other so quickly, especially Bix, as being 3 i was a little unsure if things would work out, but Helga reassured me he would be fine, and she was right, what a clever lady, she certainly knows all about vizslas.

I didn’t realise how different their personalities would be, Bix is very chilled, needs coaxing to eat his meals and loves his bed, Rez is a live wire who eats anything and everything but the two seem to work together, Bix is calming Rez down and Rez is getting Bix to eat YeeeeeeeY.

Thanks to the lovely young couple who realised they couldn’t give Rez the right home and did the best for him, and to Helga for giving us the opportunity to give Rez the right home – plenty of exercise, love and affection, not forgetting giving him his best mate and big brother – Bix, watching him thrive gives us a great sense of joy and achievement and one I would recommend to anyone willing and able to do the same.

Rez has been with us for 4 weeks now and it seems we have never been without him. House rules are now (almost) firmly established – haa – the odd bark here and there at strangers are slowly stopping and his jumping up is virtually non-existent. He just needed some time spending on him, the right exercise and the word “No” being repeated 30 times a day

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There are several ways you can support the charity, and not just by adopting or fostering a Vizsla.