Viz Whizzes are informally arranged Vizsla group or pack walks. They are great for lots of reasons: making new friends, allowing Vizslas to mingle with other likeminded ginger loons, fundraising, comparing notes and learning from each others’ experiences. Especially helpful for new owners, and those thinking about a Vizsla for the first time. They are great fun!

Below are links to current Viz Whizzes – come along and join in!

North West Viz Wizz:

North East Vizsla Group

Vizsla Scotland:

London and Surrey Viz Wizz:

Teesside Vizsla Group

East of England Viz Whizz:

Surrey Vizsla:

Viz Whizz North Yorkshire:

West Midlands Viz Whizz:

Essex Viz Whizz:

Wales and South West Viz Whizzers:

Oxfordshire Vizz Whizz:

North Devon Vizz Wizz:

Derbyshire Viz Whizz: