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Vizsla Welfare are currently seeking homes for a number of young boys aged 9-12mths.All of them were surrendered for behavioural issues, all of them have minor bite histories (often not really their fault), all of them have had professional behavioural assessment, residential rehabilitation and training, and all of them have had an extended period of foster in a multi-dog household to assess their temperament, their personality, and their suitability for rehoming. These are young energetic active dogs! All of them would be suitable for dogsports – agility, mantrailing, gundog work, canicross and more. All of them would love hillwalking, trail running, mountain biking etc.All of them are well trained, confident, sociable, dog friendly, human friendly, can live with other dogs, they really are lovely boys! We are looking for active outdoorsy homes, with no children under 18 and owners who will be around most of the day. We are looking for adopters who will follow a carefully structured settling in plan – this will include using a crate – and committing to ongoing training.All of these dogs are in Scotland. We do rehome nationwide, but we will likely ask you to travel to meet, attend group walks over a couple of days, and take part in some training sessions with us. Ongoing behavioural support and full charity backup is provided. If you are lucky enough to be matched with one of these dogs, you will become part of our growing network of trainers, behaviourists, dog walkers, home boarders, adopters, owners, and of course our massively experienced charity rehoming coordinators.No fur-baby mommas or dadas please! These are fabulous dogs but they definitely need much more than just ‘love and time’ to keep them on the straight and narrow!If you think you might fit the bill, please have a look at our website, read through our adoption information, and submit an adoption application…

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